20.08.2021 Solutions

A New Catalogue With Solutions You Simply Must See

Do you specialise in office projects? Are you working on a project for a car park, reception, a lift or one with several companies in one building? Do you integrate with other systems? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you simply won’t want to let our new catalogue out of your hands.

Catalogue, handsHow many times have you been faced with a complex access control project in an office building? You no longer have to search the entire web. All you need is a single catalogue. Page by page, we’ll walk you through a modern office building from the underground garage to the very last meeting room. We’ll recommend the best intercom, access reader or answering unit for each scenario. And what about new products like the 2N® IP Style or the 2N Access Unit M? You’ll find them there too, along with one that we’re only just preparing.

The catalogue includes product dimensions, their IP rating, available colours and complete order numbers for the main unit and accessories. “That’s all very nice,” you say, “but how do I know you’ve recommended the right product for me?” You don’t need to rely on us. We’ve prepared an objective comparison table of IP intercoms and answering units. This means you can judge for yourself.

But don’t overlook the last part of the catalogue either. You’ll find services there that can save you a lot of hassle and which can transform a conventional system into a premium service for your customers. Examples include 2N® Access Commander software for bulk administration of our devices or advanced automation.

Are you interested in our new catalogue with office solutions?

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