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Access Revitalized: 2N® Access Commander Given a Facelift

Our biggest update yet offers effortless, user-orientated access management. Discover 2N® Access Commander 3.0

2N® Access Commander 3.0The 2N® Access Commander serves as a central hub for managing 2N devices: and now, it’s been updated! Version 3.0 offers multiple improvements to empower administrators, managers, and end-users to control access rights more efficiently. Let’s delve into what’s new!

A Brand-New User Interface

With your customers in mind, we’ve given the interface a new, minimalist design. The new colour palette is modern and clean and reflects our commitment to providing users with a visually appealing and user-friendly environment that’s easy to navigate.

Enhanced User Experience

We didn’t just change the aesthetics – the 2N® Access Commander 3.0 introduces a host of improvements that will make tasks quicker and more intuitive. Some notable enhancements include:

Streamlined Information Retrieval: Users managing the access system can now find relevant information more efficiently on the overview pages of companies, users, zones, and devices, eliminating the need to sift through multiple tabs.

Powerful Filtering Options: All logs and list views now feature robust filtering options, empowering users to access the information they need with precision.

Customizable Lists and Logs: Users can manage columns in all lists and logs, tailoring the interface to display what is relevant to them. Additionally, adjusting row height provides flexibility for a more personalized viewing experience.

Expanded Access Credential Options: Access Commander 3.0 enables users to add more access credentials directly from the visitor creation page. This includes options such as PIN/QR or Vehicle License Plate (LPR), with the ability to specify which credentials are available to a visitor manager from the company page.

Password Security Made Simple: Creating a user password is now more user-friendly. Access Commander 3.0 provides real-time feedback on whether a password meets minimum security requirements, including character count, case sensitivity, and digits.

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Mobile-Friendly Visitor Enrolment

2N® Access Commander 3.0 introduces a mobile-friendly interface for visitor management.

Users with visitor management rights can now choose from a simplified, mobile-friendly view or the traditional desktop interface. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who want, prefer, or need to enrol visitors via mobile devices rather than desktop computers, and it lets them issue QR codes through share sheet-enabled applications like Messages, Email, or WhatsApp. 

Enjoy Transitional Flexibility – and Give Feedback!

Not only do we understand that change can be a gradual process for some users, but we also want to know if our users like the new 2N® Access Commander 3.0! That’s why we’ve added a transitional phase that provides valuable opportunities for feedback.

Users can toggle back to the old Version 2 interface, accompanied by a feedback box to allow them to share their reasons for reverting. We’ll use this for future enhancements. However, it's essential to note that starting from version 3.1, only the new interface will be available, discontinuing support for the old interface.

Ensure your customers can manage their access control easily!

 The new version of 2N® Access Commander was designed to make everyday access management a breeze. If you want in on the action, get in touch

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