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Want Secure Door Entry Systems? Join 2N at Adria Security Summit

Your chance to play with market-leading products, discover powerful integration with leading security platforms, and start building a modern door entry system.

Which products can you play with?

Our team is eager to demonstrate how our product range can help you create a totally secure, future-proof door entry system.

From the video intercom at the front entrance to the mobile access credentials securely stored in your end-users’ pockets, we've got you covered.Adira Security Summit 2023

For entrances and garages, we offer robust IP video intercoms equipped with cutting-edge features:

  • 2N® IP Verso 2.0: This is the next iteration of our highly successful modular intercom. It boasts a wide-angle Full HD camera, QR code access capability, and a formidable ARTPEC-7 processor by Axis.
  • 2N® IP Style AntiBac: Our groundbreaking IP video intercom supports five access methods, including mobile and QR codes. It now incorporates an algorithm for the wide-angle Full HD camera that automatically zooms in on faces, enhancing security.

For common areas, elevators, and other locations requiring access control, consider our flexible and intelligent access control readers:

  • 2N® Access Unit 2.0: This versatile access control reader offers three access methods—PIN, RFID, and mobile access powered by WaveKey – in one device!
  • Updated 2N Access Unit M: Ideal for commercial projects, this slimline access control reader now offers even easier installation thanks to a new 3 metre-long UTP cable - and it comes with two new installation accessories.

In apartments or for receptions, we have indoor stations with IP video capabilities and other useful features:

  • 2N® Indoor View: This sleek 7-inch indoor station offers new security features, including support for streaming from up to 16 IP cameras and the DoorViewer function, effectively acting as a spy hole.
  • Brand-new 2N® Clip: Designed for the mid-range residential market, this 4-inch IP video indoor station brings quality video communication (and thus heightened security) at an affordable price point

And don't miss our innovative mobile access control solutions:

Explore WaveKey: Our patented Bluetooth technology powers our IP intercoms and access control readers, ensuring fast, reliable, and secure mobile access control. Easily distribute free mobile credentials with the 2N® Mobile Key app.

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Introducing the new My2N App: This app allows residents to answer their door from anywhere and monitor their front entrance at their convenience.

Discover the immense potential of 2N integration to build a comprehensive door entry system

Combine high-quality 2N devices seamlessly with leading third-party systems. Our products are built on open protocols (SIPS, ONVIF, RTSP, HTTP, API) and are designed for smooth integration with:

  • Security management platforms (Genetec, LenelS2, Johnson Controls)
  • Video management systems (Milestone, Axis)
  • Unified communication systems (Cisco, Teams)
  • Home and building automation systems (Schneider Electrics, Crestron, Control4)

For a comprehensive list of our integration partners, please visit the 2N Integration HUB

Our technology is built with security as a top priority

Witness market-leading IP video intercoms, access control readers, and indoor stations that prioritize both project and end-user security. Our products are:

Durable and highly resistant to damage: Even touchscreen intercoms like the 2N® IP Style have high IIP & IK ratings and undergo rigorous testing to ensure resistance to extreme weather and vandalism.

Developed according to high cybersecurity standards: We adhere to international security standards (ISO 27001), we’ve achieved a 'Secure by Design' certification where security is an integral part of the design and testing process, and benefit from the ASDM security model of our parent company Axis. Our products feature multiple layers of protection across all applications.

Offer advanced features designed to enhance building security: Bi-directional video, video streaming from intercom cameras, and remote connectivity to homes via mobile apps are just some of the advanced features that provide end users with enhanced security and peace of mind.

Kick-start your journey to a fully integrated, totally secure door entry system

Come to our stand! We’re the ones with the great products. Chat with our team about how it all works and how we can meet your project’s demands