21.03.2023 Solutions

An Evolutionary Leap in the My2N Management Platform: Manage Access Rules From Anywhere

We're always adding features to the My2N Management Platform that make managing your entire installation more efficient. Recently, we’ve mainly been focusing on features related to access management. What are they, and which configurations are possible with them?

My2N has evolved into a unified platform that simplifies the management of cloud calling and access by making both completely remote. Take a look at some of the IP access control system features in My2N and discover the ones we are still working on!ip intercom

Access control features in the My2N Management Platform

Apartment-level access management - no more tedious setting access rights for individuals! Set them for the entire apartment instead, and then new residents can automatically take them over.

Assigning RFID cards and PIN codes to users - you can already assign the ever-useful and popular RFID cards and PINs to users directly in the My2N Management Platform. However, soon, you’ll be able to also support Bluetooth technology as a bonus!

Access Groups - create an access group (door group) and assign it to users or apartments. The basic group will be the entrances to the building, the second group can be the entrance to the garage (for residents with cars), and the third group could be, for example, the entrance to the building’s gym for only the tenants who have paid to use it.

Access logs - make access monitoring a breeze with access logs: see who was entering or leaving at certain time stamps and quickly get to the bottom of any incidents.

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Future functions

Flexible user set-up – most buildings have users that require access but don’t have the details needed for full user information (children, for example) – and even if your project doesn’t, having the option to create users more quickly is always a plus! That’s where My2N’s new ‘anonymous user’ setting comes in. Aside from the usual type of user that has all the details you wish, you can also create ‘anonymous users’, that don’t have any data at all but are still assigned an RFID card or PIN code.

Bluetooth support - although RFID and PIN are the most widely used form of access technology in the residential segment, Bluetooth is skyrocketing. Mobile access is the technology us at 2N trust the most, so expect it in the My2N Management Platform very soon.

Cloud Bluetooth pairing - we’ll make it more convenient for users to use mobile access by allowing them to pair their smartphones with readers remotely.

Who is the My2N Management Platform for?

We developed the My2N Management Platform for residential building managers (facility managers). those typically responsible for dozens of buildings and often on the move. That's why My2N is a cloud-based service, and with that comes one of their most important advantages: access to the platform from anywhere, anytime.

Residential building managers oversee and are responsible for the entire building, including security systems, cameras, parking, cleaning, heating, green maintenance and even garbage. They can often get overwhelmed with dozens of different requirements navigating multiple management systems. Because of this, the My2N Management Platform only offers features that building managers use most often. This makes call and access management straightforward and efficient.

I want to manage access and calls efficiently!

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