19.02.2021 Compatibility

Discover Our Solutions on Milestone Marketplace

We play in the premier league of access control systems. It should come as no surprise then to learn that our IP intercoms and access control units rank among the tried and tested solutions used in the Milestone system. You will also find them on Milestone Marketplace. Take a look for yourself! 

Control your security systems from a single interface

Are you thinking about a comprehensive security solution for your new project? Go straight to Milestone Marketplace for inspiration. Offer your customers integrated access control, door monitoring and two-way communication with visitors in real time. Our solutions will amaze you.Milestone Marketplace

Your customers are bound to be ecstatic about it too. Thanks to the 2N® Access Commander plugin for XProtect®, security guards can for example easily visually identify the person entering the building against the details displayed in the system the moment they use their RFID card. With our solution, security can see exactly what is happening in the building and can respond immediately to any unexpected events. Door status signalling and door control directly from the building’s map assist them in doing this. 

Draw inspiration for your next projects

Milestone Marketplace is a virtual platform designed for all XProtect® security system users. Make the time and invite your customers to take a tour. Get acquainted with the benefits of integration and find out which functions you can use. Download the installation manual, watch the installation video or reserve a demonstration of our products right now. Be inspired! It will come in handy when you are working on your next project. 

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