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Futureproof your project’s door entry system

Get a free ticket for Light + Building - we’ve got new products to show you. Use them to build an advanced residential door entry system

Stop by the 2N stand at Light + Building for a look at our portfolio of IP intercoms, indoor stations, and more. Our team will be on hand to discuss your needs, discuss integration potential with companies such as AXIS, Gentec™, KONE and Milestone - and help you start building a seamless and secure access experience for both work and living!

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What will you see?

Play with Our Latest Innovations!

  • 2N® IP Style, a premium 10’’ touchscreen IP intercom featuring a 5MPX wide-range camera and support for 4 different access methods. Customize the interface with the new Flexi Layout option to meet diverse customer needs.
  • 2N® IP Verso 2.0, the second generation of our bestselling modular IP intercom now equipped with a Full HD camera and QR code reading. Ask our team why we call it the Unicorn of Intercoms!
  • 2N® IP One, ideal for single-family homes, a compact video intercom with a Full HD camera and an intelligently designed backlit button.
  • 2N® Access Unit QR, a modular access control reader enabling convenient entry for visitors through QR codes. Add other access modules for authorized personnel.
  • 2N® Clip, a new 4’’ IP video indoor station bringing quality video communication to mid-range residential projects. Bring the power of IP to every home!
  • Explore the My2N app, a mobile solution enabling residents to answer their door remotely and surveil their homes from anywhere.

Door entry systemDiscover how we work with AXIS

Our parent company is exhibiting at the booth next to us, and they will have three 2N® IP Verso 2.0 video intercoms on their stand. We’ll be showing: 

  • Integration with their ACS (Axis Camera Station)
  • Genetec™ integration: the 2N® IP Verso 2.0 as a part of the Genetec™ Security Center
  • Milestone integration: the integration of the 2N® IP Verso 2.0 into Milestone XProtect®

Plus, we’ll be showing Axis cameras on our stand as a part of our solutions for license plate recognition and so on.

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Explore Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Our products aren’t stand-alone devices – they work together seamlessly to build a complete door entry system, as well as with third-party systems to make an entire solution. Here are some examples of how they’re used:

Single Home Living

Combine 2N® IP One with the 2N® Indoor View to make a simple yet powerful door entry system for families.

Available additions include HTTP command sending for integration with home automation systems, the My2N app for remote door control, and the slimline 2N® Access Unit M for securing other areas.

Apartment Buildings

Vehicle Access: Get to know the powerful combination of License Plate Recognition (LPR) and WaveKey for seamless parking access – including AXIS cameras

Door and Gate Calling: Embrace secure living with intercom calls from doors to apartments, featuring adaptive face zooming, remote door control via the My2N App, and two-way video communication.

Frictionless Movement: Revolutionize building access with mobile-centric solutions like WaveKey and QR codes for smooth and secure movement from the front entrance and beyond

Elevator Connectivity: We take pride in our Gold Partnership with the KONE Ecosystem, offering a seamless integration with elevator systems. From summoning the elevator upon resident entry to unlocking specific floors for residents and granting visitor access – embrace the future of letting people up!

Retrofit Projects

Most residential projects are old buildings – but don’t worry, we’ve got that covered. Bring IP technology into tricky retrofits with minimal hassle:

  • Use our cloud service, the My2N Management Platform, to configure products and set up calling with nothing but a power supply and local network connection
  • Use an IP converter to avoid changes to the cabling

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Unlock Seamless System Management

Learn how the My2N Management Platform enables more door entry system efficiency thanks to remote management and configuration:

  • Set up calls from a 2N IP intercom to an indoor station or mobile phone via the cloud
  • Remotely manage access rights for enhanced security
  • Address 4 out of 5 customer requests online for streamlined support.
  • Effortlessly configure devices from the comfort of your office

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