29.11.2022 Solutions

How Can You Save/Make Money With My2N?

The My2N Management Platform improves the efficiency of our product management and delivers superior services to administrators and end users. But most importantly, you can also make money with it.

You save money on travel expenses

My2N Management PlatformThe biggest advantage of the My2N cloud platform is that you can log in from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. Four out of five of your customers' requests (changing the name on the intercom display, adding a new user, and even device diagnostics) can be done remotely. This means you don't pay for petrol and save time on the road.

The highest degree of efficiency

The My2N Management Platform is designed for facility managers, or if you prefer, property managers. They are responsible for many systems and services and often in multiple buildings. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for them that the management of the access control system is direct and efficient - and that is precisely what the My2N Management Platform offers.

We've identified the most commonly used features that a facility manager needs, and these are what you'll find in My2N. This has made it much easier to manage the system, and administrators don't have to navigate through dozens of features and settings that they don't actually use.

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Unparalleled SLA conditions

Do you offer a service level agreement? Offer terms that your competitors are unable to match. Remote management allows you to perform the first response to an incident in minutes, which is exceptional for such systems. Be sure to mention this to your customers and make the My2N Management Platform your competitive advantage.

What's free in My2N?

The vast majority of My2N platform features are available free of charge for you. Use them for your work on a daily basis.

  • Installation management
  • Managing users and devices
  • Firmware updates
  • Cloud calling between 2N products
  • Support for different firmware and network versions
  • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Access data management and more

Capitalize on premium services

Premium services are chargeable, but there's always room for margin when you order them through our distribution network. This makes it easy to build a long-term, stable income from pre-selling services. Which services are we talking about?

  • Cloud calling from intercom to smartphone/tablet
  • Cloud calling from intercom to another manufacturer's answering unit (also applies to 2N® IP Handset and 2N® IP Phone D7A).

Get started with My2N today

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