19.04.2021 Products

Introducing Induction Loop for 2N® IP Force

Simplify door and SOS communication for the hard of hearing and also meet all the conditions required by new projects.

A person in car, intercomYou know the 2N® IP Force as the most durable intercom on the market, with crystal clear audio, even in a noisy environment. Install it for use with car park entry gates, in motorway tunnels, underground, or in railway stations. It is also perfect for use in any public space where it can work as an SOS point. These are locations where the device may be exposed to extreme weather or vandalism.

But you still felt something was missing in the product. A built-in induction loop to ensure voice communication for the hard of hearing. Until now, we have offered you an external induction loop which perfectly resolves this basic requirement. However, its main disadvantage is that it is not as durable as the intercom itself, and sometimes it didn’t look attractive.

We have decided to develop an internal induction loop which complies with the requirements of the IEC 60118-4 standard. Simply connect it directly to the line-out of selected versions of the 2N® IP Force intercom. Then screw in the antenna where the RFID reader’s antenna would be attached. This loop is therefore only compatible with versions of the 2N® IP Force intercom which are ready for use with an RFID card reader (9151101RPW, 9151101CRPW, 9151101CHRPW, 9151102RW, 9151102CRW, 9151102CHRW).

The output of the loop is brilliant. It offers a wide range and high volume. The pack also includes a sticker which indicates that the device has an induction loop. The sticker is made from special waterproof material which will not fade or peel off easily.

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