13.01.2021 Software

Introducing the Most Feature-Packed Update for 2N® Access Commander SW

What is the most interesting feature? Starting with the new version 1.17, you can offer the software for larger installations where advanced LDAP synchronisation is required. But the update has many other new features to offer.

Enhanced LDAP synchronisation

2N® Access CommanderLDAP synchronisation is used to download user data and any changes in users from an external Active Directory system. For example, if the administrator creates a new user with various attributes in the Active Directory, this user is also uploaded into the 2N® Access Commander during regular synchronisation.

Offer 2N® Access Commander for larger installations where Active Directory or other systems with LDAP support are used. Until now, system administrators could only synchronise certain Active Directory attributes – name, e-mail address, telephone number, login name and password. That was sometimes not enough, and administrators may also want to synchronise other attributes.

This is why we added the option in the 2N® Access Commander software to map your own LDAP attributes in any field. This means you can now also synchronise an employee’s ID, their avatar, an additional telephone number, an RFID card number and a PIN code – not only in Active Directory but in any directory supporting LDAP (e.g. Open LDAP).

Safer password reset

We are increasing the level of cybersecurity in the 2N® Access Commander software. As a result, misuse of an account is just more difficult. Performing a password reset is no longer as easy as it used to be. In the new version, users also need a verification code, which is sent to their e-mail address. If the installation has no SMTP server, the administrator arranges this. They create a one-off password and forward it to the user. The user first enters the one-off password and then creates a new one.

Temporary user deactivation

Is one of your employees about to take parental leave? Has a student been temporarily excluded? Then of course they should not be allowed access to the building. There is already a solution to this. Administrator can either remove a user or manually delete all their access rights. When they return, administrator create the user again or restore all their rights. But which places, in fact, did that employee have access? Now administrator does not have to go to the trouble of remembering.

Users can be temporarily deactivated with a single click. This deactivates all their access rights, and the intercom will no longer call them or send any notifications. Once the user returns, administrator reactivates them with a single click and restore all the rights and settings they had previously.

Temporary user deactivation also works in combination with Active Directory. If an administrator deactivates a user in the Active Directory, this information is uploaded to the 2N® Access Commander during regular synchronisation.

Bulk update of firmware in 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0

And cybersecurity for the second time. To ensure continuous protection of your devices, you must always have up-to-date firmware. This also applies to the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0. But what if you have 50 of them in your apartment block? Do you open 50 web interfaces and install the new firmware into each?

Of course you do, because you are conscientious, and the security of your customers is important to you. Now you can manage the upgrade 50 times faster. 2N® Access Commander software now also has a bulk firmware upgrade option for the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0.

Key functions in the header

Routine administration gets easier with each new software version. In this version, we have put the key functions in the page header. This means you don’t have to click through to the most commonly used functions on the given page. What does that look like in practice? For example, it means that you can create a new user directly from the details of an existing user.

Offer 2N® Access Commander in your next project!

In any installation where you have more than three of our devices, you reduce the average time spent on administration by up to 50%. Ask about the other benefits of the software.

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