20.10.2023 Events

Join 2N at Architect @Work in Milan

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Do you have a beautiful project in the pipeline? Don’t ruin it with an ugly intercom and unsightly answering units - complete it with products that win awards for design as well as the tech inside. Your future residents will thank you for it! Join 2N at Architect @Work Milan 2023 to try out our premium residential solutions for retrofit and newbuilds.

video intercomsWhat’s in store?

Our team will be on hand to show you the latest and greatest 2N products – and they’re excited to chat with you about the importance of good access control in any project: whether it’s a single-villa, apartment building, retrofit, or newbuild. 

Discover the power of 2N products

Get to know all the benefits of choosing 2N: high-quality materials, award-winning design, and options for different finishes and installation options.

  • Our premium, 10’’ touchscreen video intercom the 2N® IP Style won a Red-Dot award for its beautiful design. Give luxury projects a powerful, smart intercom that has a 5MPX, wide-range camera, possibility to show custom images on the display, plus the support of 4 different access technologies.
  • New 2N® IP One: great for family homes, a compact, stylish intercom with a Full HD camera and a carefully developed intelligent backlit button, plus QR code access.
  • 2N® Indoor View: our sleek 7’’ answering unit now has new features including pinch to zoom, support of the stream of up to 16 IP cameras (great for security), plus HTTP commands for endless integration.
  • New 2N® Access Unit 2.0: one sleek reader, 3 access technologies (keypad, Bluetooth, and RFID) for ultimate flexibilty.
  • Get to know how mobile access control brings residents and building managers total convenience and heightened security: the future is keyless! 2N’s mobile access is powered by WaveKey, and it’s fast, reliable, and secure. See it in action on the 2N® IP Style and the 2N® Access Unit 2.0.

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Unsure about how modern access control and it’s importance in your projects?

Ask our team about Access Control 3.0: our new eBook is the ultimate guide to the future standards of residential access and how they can make you succeed.

We’ll also be showing off 2N’s online tools

  • 2N® AppeAR: our new mobile app allows you to truly visualize our products: it uses augmented reality for virtual installation, has detailed product dimensions and a virtual catalogue.
  • We have plenty of support for planners, and consultants. Chat with our team about the 2N® Project Designer, our A&E and CAD drawings, BIM objects, and everything else we have to make your life a little easier.

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