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Join 2N at Interlift

IP is the future of emergency lift communication! Visit us at INTERLIFT to try out our products and prepare for the big switch to 4G.

Join 2N at INTERLFT 2023 on 17-20 October 2023

Hall 3, stand 3091
Discover how IP is the future of emergency lift communication

Worried about the 2G, 3G & fixed line shutdown? We have the solution!

We all know the Big Switch is coming soon! In many countries, 2G, 3G and landline networks are already being phased out, so sooner or later no one can avoid the move to 4G.

No need to worry! Even if you have an old elevator equipped with an analogue emergency phone, it can still communicate over the 4G network. Simply connect the analogue communicator to a modern analogue gateway and voice and data communication will be via VoIP over the mobile network. And – you'll be able to monitor the elevator!

Bring your own 2-wire dialler to INTERLIFT and you can see for yourself how easy connectivity is by testing it yourself on-site using our 2N® EasyGate IP gateway!

Let us show you IP technology is the way to goJoin 2N at INTERLFT

Do you want a modern elevator that is part of a complete smart building solution? Want it to connect to other systems in the building?

It’s easy to bring an Internet connection into the cab. With our solution, you only need one IoT gateway and two wires in the travelling cable to connect an IP dialler, camera, access control reader and advertising panel in the lift cabin: and our team will be on hand at the show to talk you through it.

What’s more, only IP offers you remote device management and 24/7 monitoring, seamless and reliable DTMF transmission, HD voice and the possibility to link audio calls from the 2N® LiftIP 2.0 dialler to the video feed from an IP camera in the lift.

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Discover three solutions for your elevator

We’ll be displaying the three solutions we have available that all have one thing in common - they use only 2 wires in the travelling cable and allow VoIP communication with the emergency call centre.

Which one best suits your project?

  1. Analogue – an analogue 2N® Lift1 emergency phone in the cabin and the modern 2N®️ EasyGate IP 4G gateway
  2. Digital – a 2N®️ Lift8 modular system with a wide range of interfaces used for emergency communication (GSM, UMTS, LTE, VoIP) and for the remote monitoring of the lift controller (RS-232, LAN). You can connect up to 8 independent lift shafts to one central 2N® Lift8 unit.
  3. IP – a new SIP based 2N®️ LiftIP 2.0 communicator in the cabin and a 2N®️ LiftGate IoT gateway in the machine room, which brings IP connectivity into the cabin using just two wires in the travelling cable.

Products we’ll showcase

We’ll be showing the whole elevator emergency communication solution as part of an entire building!

  • Elevator cabin with a 2N® LiftIP 2.0 dialler, Axis IP camera, and 2N access control reader for authorized access to specific floors
  • Smart 2N® LiftGate for internet connection into the cabin via just 2-wires.
  • An IP intercom: the 2N® IP Style for the entrance that can call the elevator to the ground floor after successful authorization
  • An indoor station: the 2N® Indoor View for apartments that allows residents to call the elevator to their floor
  • 2N®️ Elevator Center for centralized management and 24/7 monitoring of connected 2N devices, along with bulk management.
  • Plus, a new product: a two-sense elevator communicator with a display for text-based emergency communication with the deaf. This communicator complies with the following standards: ASME A17.1.-2019;  EN81-70;  EN ISO 8100-1/2

Make your lift cyber secure

  • Cybersecurity and compliance with specific standards is now a "must have" – therefore we design, develop and test our products according to them. Wondering what all standards our products meet? Find out more at the exhibition!

I want a secure and smart elevator!

Join us at INTERLIFT and try out the best products and solutions on the market. Our team are excited to talk to you and see how easy it can be to integrate IP technology.

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