17.01.2024 Compatibility

Selected 2N IP Intercoms now support video calls on Zoom Phone

We’re proud to announce our IP intercoms are the first intercoms to support Zoom Phone video calls - enabling visual verification of visitors for better project security

ip intercomIn 2023, we announced the exciting news that selected 2N IP intercoms are officially certified to support audio calls with ZOOM Client. Now, we have some more news!  Now, we have some more news! 

An update to the integration means that the 2N® IP Style, 2N® IP Verso, and the 2N® IP Solo are the first intercoms ever to officially support video calls on Zoom Phone: enabling higher security thanks to visual visitor verification! Plus, the new update brings assisted provisioning for easier and quicker configuration.    

Use this new feature in our official Zoom Phone integration to enhance security and convenience 

Do you have a project in the education, corporate, and or retail sectors? You’ll love this new feature in our Zoom integration – clear visual verification of visitors plays an important role in visitor management and in the safety of employees, students, or customers.

Connect selected 2N IP Intercoms with Zoom Phone and allow users to use Zoom to answer video calls and control the door from anywhere they access their Zoom services

New features for the selected intercoms: (2N® IP Style, 2N® IP Verso, and the 2N® IP Solo)

  • Easier, more secure setup thanks to assisted provisioning. How does it work? The Zoom Phone Admin simply inputs a specific URL into the 2N device. Then, the Zoom Phone provisioning server pushes all the necessary parameters into the device automatically. 
  • Accept video calls from the IP intercoms on selected Zoom Certified desk phones 
  • Open the door directly from the call  
  • Use a single platform for video and audio calls for communication with visitors coming to the building

Features already available for all Zoom Phone-certified 2N intercoms: 

  • Accept audio calls within the Zoom desktop client and the Zoom mobile app
  • Open the door directly from the call 
  • Transfer calls to another user 
  • Use a single platform for audio calls for communication with visitors coming to the building

For more info and a detailed list of intercoms supported, visit the Integration wiki page

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Which 2N IP intercoms and Zoom Certified Desk Phones support this new feature?

Video calls are only supported from the following 2N video intercoms:

2N® IP Verso

The world’s most modular intercom, perfect for any project, no matter the needs. Provide your customers with reliable access control and multiple access options: RFID, keypad, fingerprint, and of course mobile access powered by WaveKey.

2N® IP Style 

A powerful IP intercom perfect for premium projects that features a 5MPX camera, sleek 10’’ display, IP65 and IK08-certified durability, customisable UI, and multiple access options. Also, bi-directional video calls are available between the 2N® IP Style and selected Zoom-certified desk phones (Poly CCX700 & Yealink T58/VP59). 

2N® IP Solo

A compact IP intercom with a hidden HD camera, multiple functionalities including calls to your mobile phones, and easy integration into building automation systems. 

Please note, video calls can only be answered on selected Zoom Certified desk phones:  
Yealink T58A, T58W, VP59(SIP mode), Cisco 8845, Cisco 8865, Poly CCX600, and Poly CCX700(SIP mode) which are connected to Zoom Phone. 

Are you interested in receiving video calls from 2N IP Intercoms via Zoom Phone?

 Our team are always ready to help you get started – get in touch! Remember to visit the 2N Integration HUB for more information about this and other integrations too.

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