02.08.2022 Software

Simple and Understandable - The New 2N Intercom Licensing.

Questions, questions, questions… Which license do I need to stream the video from IP intercom? Which licenses do I need to send an image to email if the motion is detected? Questions from customers, and things that you yourself can’t understand, can be super annoying. But - from now on, the answer is much easier.

2N IntercomsThe licensing policy is simplified considerably from 2N OS version 2.35 on with you and your needs in mind: increasing not only the value of our intercoms, but the level of service you’re able to deliver included in the product price.

Fuss free, easy to explain licensing scheme

Customers can be tricky, as can be their queries and demands. We’re sure you've sometimes struggled in choosing which license best satisfies your customer’s needs – but now, you’ll no longer have to memorize all the advanced features and their relationship to licenses.

Simply upgrade the intercoms to 2N OS version 2.35 and some previously licensed features will now be included in the price of the device - so you won't even have to think about them!

Does your customer want or need more than just the basic features? Then offer a Gold license - the package of premium features ideal for complex integrations, including video settings and lift control.

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More for free! Lots of features available by default

The global concern for cybersecurity is always on our minds, as we’re sure it’s on yours, too. That’s why we’ve decided to include all previously paid security features to the IP intercom by default, to support you in deploying truly secure systems.

But it’s not just about cybersecurity - we understand enhanced audio features should be a standard feature in high-quality devices – and at 2N, we only sell high quality devices. So, enhanced audio features will now be enabled by default as well. And what’s more – we’ve also enabled NFC support and HTTP API without you having to pay a single cent.

The 2N Access Unit will not need any additional licenses, the entire feature set will be enabled by default.

Which licenses are being discontinued and which remain? Quick overview

License name Order number Included Features Notes
For free --- All from previous Enhanced Audio and Security licenses, NFC, HTTP API Included in each device
Gold 9137909 All from previous Enhanced Integration and Video licenses, Lift module Available 
Informacast 9137910 Paging and emergency communication through Cisco platform Available (remains unchanged)
Plugin for OnGuard 9137917 Allows the communication with OnGuard server (LenelS2) Available (remains unchanged)
Plugin for CCURE 9137918 Allows the communication with C-CURE 9000 server Available (remains unchanged)
Enahnced Audio 9137905 User sounds, audio test, noise detection Discontinued (included in the device for free)
Enhanced Video 9137906 RTSP streaming, ONVIF, external camera support, motion detection, PTZ, etc. Discontinued (part of the Gold license)
Enhanced Integration 9137907 Extended switch settings, HTTP API*, FTP and SNMP client, TR069, Automation, auto-updates, email sending, etc. Discontinued (part of the Gold license, *HTTP API is for free)
Enhanced Security 9137908 802.1x, SIPS, SRTP, silent alarm, switch blocking, scrambled keypad, etc. Discontinued (included in the device for free)
NFC license 9137915 NFC for access (Android only) Discontinued (included in the device for free)
Lift module 9137916 Access control for Lifts Discontinued (part of the Gold license)