27.09.2021 Software

The 2N® Indoor View Can Now Be Used to Control a Smart Home

With the latest 2N OS update (version 2.33), we have transformed the 2N® Indoor View answering unit into a panel for controlling home automation. Residents can use it to set air conditioning, lighting or call a lift.

The new firmware adds a new button to the panel screen. Pressing the button sends an HTTP command. It depends on the customer’s requirements what happens as a result of this command.Answering unit and woman

For example, the button can be configured as the following:

  • Arrival/departure button – if the command is sent to a smart home system, a press of the button can switch off all lights, close blinds and turn off the air conditioning all at once when the resident leaves the house.
  • Call a lift – the resident can check their outfit one last time in the mirror in the hallway, press the button on the 2N® Indoor View unit’s display, and leave. When they arrive at the lift, the doors will just be opening. Every second saved counts in today's dynamic times.
  • Controlling a home automation system – in fact, you can set any command you like. Switch on lights, play music, turn on heating, close blinds or open an entrance gate or garage door. There are dozens of possibilities.

Other features in version 2.33 of 2N OS

Extension of Do Not Disturb mode – set one of three options for how the answering unit should behave in the event of a call during Do Not Disturb mode.

  • Mute the incoming call ringing – existing option.
  • Incoming call rejected with call forwarding - the caller receives a message that the resident is not available. Based on this, the IP intercom can forward the incoming call to e.g. the reception, another answering unit or the resident's smartphone.

The settings are adjusted in the answering unit’s web interface. This is available for all units which have 2N OS installed (2N® Indoor View, 2N® Indoor Compact and 2N® Indoor Talk).

Save time with automated settings. The moment the unit is connected to the internet, it automatically sets the following:

  • Time – the unit automatically detects the appropriate time zone.
  • Location for weather forecast– the unit automatically detects where it should correctly display the current forecast.

We don’t just perform maintenance, we develop our products!

Each new version of the firmware adds new features to our products, which means you can offer new services to your customers even after installation. We will let you know how to go about this.

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