13.12.2023 Software

Upgrade IP Door Entry Convenience and Security with 2N OS 2.42

Find out which new features offer improved user experiences to your IP door entry system

ip door entryCustom Ringtones for Each Door Entry Point

Residents will now be able to tell exactly where their visitor is waiting – by ringtone alone! How? With this new feature: the ability for 2N OS-based indoor stations to ring different tones based on the location of the call.

Now, when a call comes from the front door, residents will hear ringtone A, while calls from the back door will be accompanied by ringtone B. This innovative feature will add an extra layer of convenience and security to their IP door entry system.

Face Zooming Feature added to the 2N® IP Verso 2.0

Recently, we added a feature to the 2N OS that’s never been seen before in video intercoms: adaptive Face Zooming, in which the camera of the video intercom can detect a face in the wide-angle shot and zoom in for a closer look at the visitor. 

The 2N OS 2.42 has added this great feature to the new 2N® IP Verso 2.0, building on the success of an already great video intercom! It takes the power of the Full HD camera in the intercom to a whole new level and works wonders in amplifying the security of any IP door entry system.

See it in action!

Witness how this advanced technology contributes to a more secure door entry experience:

More Efficient User Imports

Streamlining user management, the 2N OS 2.42 update introduces the ability to perform bulk imports and exports of user data through CSV files. 

No more adding users individually: administrators can efficiently upload user lists, increasing efficiency by saving time and effort. It’s easy to do, too – the functionality is accessible through the product web interface, offering a user-friendly experience anyone can navigate.

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QR Code Reading Improvements!

QR code access is a fantastic one-time access credential for guests to buildings, as it is quick and easy to assign (the visitor receives a QR code, and further instructions if needed, via email in advance), and the ease of access streamlines the entire experience of visiting a new building. Plus, it’s impossible to ‘overhear’ or misuse the credential as with PIN codes.

To continue optimizing IP door entry system convenience, the 2N® IP Verso 2.0 and 2N® IP Style intercoms now accommodate shorter codes as well as longer ones. From now on it can be anything between 4 to 15 symbols (instead of 10-15), and the intercoms also support hexadecimal formats. This broadens the possibilities of integration with 3rd party access control systems and QR code generators.

Customizable Call Destination Order for the 2N® IP Style

Tailoring the user experience, the 2N OS 2.42 update allows users to define and order the first eight destinations on the display directory of the 2N® IP Style, an upgrade from the current option to put one destination in the 1st position. This empowers users to prioritize and arrange call destinations based on their preferences, contributing to a more personalized and efficient IP door entry system. 


Version 2.42 no longer supports AngelCam integration

Please note, direct integration with AngelCam has been discontinued with firmware version 2.42.

Do you want more efficient, convenient, and secure IP door entry?

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