27.05.2021 Events

Watch a Recording of 2N On Air

Integration with the biggest global players and the introduction of the 2N® IP Style – that was the last edition of 2N On Air. Did you miss it? You still have a chance to catch up.

WomanOne event, two broadcast dates. We invited our technology partners to take part in the broadcast and in live chat. We presented the latest 2N® IP Style, hot off the production line. And in addition to all that, we broadcast with subtitles in six languages. In short, we once again offered you that little bit extra during the broadcast.

And the result? Incredible! The representatives from Axis Communications, Inner Range and Milestone Systems were amazing. Their demos showing how our products work together with their systems were invaluable. They provided superb explanations of how you can use these solutions in an office building environment and how it offers you a significantly better overview of the status of the whole system.

The high point of the broadcast was a detailed presentation of our new intercom, the 2N® IP Style. We showed you precisely why this intercom is ideal for integration, as well as lots of its other features. You fell in love with the way it looks, you admired its high-performance camera, you were amazed at the speed of mobile access and many of you can’t wait to try out the unique installation mechanism.

The answers you provided in the questionnaires and your feedback confirmed that we are heading in the right direction. We’re planning another edition of 2N ON Air for you in September: Focused on integration. This time round, we dealt with the office segment; in autumn, we will be looking at the residential market.

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