10.01.2020 Products

We Are Discontinuing Certain Gateways and Are on Lookout for New Products

With the start of the new year, we have decided to stop sales of the 2N® SmartGate, 2N® SmartGate UMTS and 2N® VoiceBlue MAX. We will be exerting all of our efforts freed up by this move into developing new 4G versions of the 2N® EasyGate gateway. You can already look forward to seeing these this year.

Why are we discontinuing 2N® SmartGate and 2N® SmartGate UMTS?

Telecommunications networks and voice services are continually developing, and FXO interface is currently only marginally used. The 2N® SmartGate and 2N® SmartGate UMTS gateways are based on the presence of FXO ports. That’s why we are discontinuing sales of these gateways.

For many solutions, the 2N® EasyGate or 2N® EasyGate PRO gateways will serve as replacements. Several functions offered by these two gateways overlap with those offered by the discontinued products.

The 2N® EasyGate and 2N® EasyGate PRO gateways do, however, have certain limitations. They do not support the FXO interface (connection of an analogue trunk PBX). So they do not offer Mobility Extension (fixed line and mobile ringing at the same time) and DialThru (dial-thru gateway) functions.

We still have the last few GSM versions of the 2N® SmartGate (501403E) gateway in stock. If you need one for a project, be sure to order it quickly.

Order last pieces of 2N® SmartGate

Why are we discontinuing the 2N® VoiceBlue MAX?

We developed the product so you don’t have to use four 2N® EasyGate gateways in larger installations. The 2N® VoiceBlue MAX enjoyed a golden age with a high level of sales in the past. However, interest in this product has declined recently. We have discovered that you prefer greater flexibility.

You get this with the 2N® EasyGate gateway. If you still need four channels for your projects, simply buy four 2N® EasyGate gateways.
Using the discontinued 2N® VoiceBlue MAX product as a VoIP/GSM gateway was also possible. The 2N® VoiceBlue Next gateway also offers this function and it’s still in our portfolio.

We do have a few 2N® VoiceBlue MAX gateways in stock. Order them while stocks last.

Order last pieces of 2N® VoiceBlue MAX

We are not stopping development of gateways! We are working hard on our 4G solutions. You can already look forward to the new version of the EasyGate gateway this year.