27.07.2021 Software

We Are Extending Milestone XProtect® Integration With 2N® Access Commander

The new 2N® Access Commander plugin for Milestone XProtect® offers new possibilities in projects where you integrate our access control system with the Milestone video management system.

New door control option

The operator can leave the door open/unlocked for a longer time. It means as long as the operator wants until he set the door back to its original state. The so called door hold open state makes it easier, for example, for delivery drivers to make large deliveries and carry everything from the delivery van to the lift. It is also useful when the operator wants to allow unrestricted entry to unauthorised persons (during open days or training sessions for business partners). We assure you that many operators will love this new feature. puzzle

Registration plates in access control events

Vehicle registration plates are now included in access control events in Milestone XProtect, just like other methods of access. Operators can easily find the vehicle registration number in the details of the event.

What is the 2N® Access Commander plugin for XProtect?

Don’t know? Simply upload the plugin to the Milestone XProtect system. This will link the 2N® Access Commander to Milestone XProtect. You will enhance XProtect with the access control functions. We are continually developing this integration. It is also worth highlighting the existing functions, such as door lock control set directly via a map of the building or the lockdown function. Discover what 2N and Milestone can do together on the 2N Integration HUB page.

Download the new version 1.4 of the plugin and update your existing installations. Would you like to learn more about the new version? Take a look at the release notes which comes with the software.

How to reach customers who work with Milestone XProtect?

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