15.09.2020 Products

We Are Selling Out Selected Telco Products. Order Last Few Items

Big autumn clear-out of our warehouse is here. Our GSM/UMTS gateways have drawn the short straw. Are you expecting a telco project? Make sure you have the right product!

2N® BRI Enterprise

The 2N® BRI Enterprise gateway uses ISDN BRI technology. This already has its best years behind it because the future is in VoIP technology. Sadly, but with great pride, we are now saying goodbye to the 2N® BRI Enterprise gateway and discontinuing sale of the unit with no replacement. Do you still use ISD BRI technology because it suits your requirements? We do still have a few products left in stock.

Order 2N® BRI Enterprise

2N® BlueTower

Two similar-sized gateways have come face to face in our portfolio. Their inclusion in the portfolio was justified in the past, but today it serves no purpose having both. The 2N® BlueTower was a 2–8 channel gateway. Are 4 channels enough for you? The 2N® VoiceBlue Next will do the work extremely well. If 4 channels are not enough, you can find a great substitute in the 2N® StarGate gateway, which has between 2 and 32 channels. Do you still insist on 2–8 channels? Order the last few units still waiting for you in our warehouse!

Order 2N® BlueTower

2N® SIM Star

In the past, SIM cards could only make a few cheap calls. Your package may only have had 100 minutes of cheap calls. If you needed to call more, it was worth having several SIM cards and the 2N® SIM Star. The system automatically rotated dozens of SIM cards remotely to make sure the company’s calls were always kept cheap. Calls are unlimited today and you’ll no longer use this solution. This is why we’re discontinuing sale of the 2N® SIM Box and 2N® SIM Board products. We’ll no longer be updating 2N® SIM Star software. However, if this solution is the right one for you, write to us. We still have a few items in stock.

Order 2N® SIM Star

These products will be disappearing from our catalogue on 15 December or once stock is sold out.

Don’t let others beat you to it and order the last few items!

But don’t worry! We’re still investing in telecommunications solutions and preparing new products. You’ll be able to include the next-generation 2N® EasyGate gateway in your portfolio at the start of next year.