13.06.2023 Products

We’re replacing the Grandstream GXV3370 intercom phone!

Discover the 2N® IP Phone D7A – a powerful intercom phone that offers you a more unified solution as well as video calling and integration with third-party apps.

We’re discontinuing the sales of the IP telephone Grandstream GXV3370: a desktop video phone that supports video calls from 2N video intercoms. But don’t worry, it’s being replaced by something better!

The excellent 2N® IP Phone D7A that we launched last year entirely replaces the Grandstream GXV 3370 intercom phone in all scenarios and provides our clients with a unified E2E solution.

Discontinued product Replacement Product  Final order date
Name Order Number Name Order Number
Grandstream GXV 3370 91378362EU 2N® IP Phone D7A 1120102 31.7.2023

intercom phoneImportant to know

  • The Grandstream GXV 3370 phone is (and will still be) compatible with 2N intercoms. However, you just won't find it in our price list after the final order date. 
  • The last order date is 31.7.2023. Please note, an unforeseen change in circumstances regarding components may cause the Grandstream GXV 3370 to become out of stock sooner than this date.
  • Don’t confuse the Grandstream GXV 3370 with the similarly named IP telephone the Grandstream GXV 3350 – this product will continue to be sold!

Get to know its successor: the 2N® IP Phone D7A

It’s a great intercom phone for any project that’s looking to have a future-proof reception or concierge desk.  The 2N® IP Phone D7A is a smart IP phone that allows the receptionist to answer calls from the IP intercom at their front entrance. Preview the person waiting via the video intercom’s camera on the built-in 7’’ touchscreen display and open the door at the mere touch of a button. 

Multiple communication options

The 2N® IP Phone D7A provides three different options for communication and access. The first is using it as a standard phone - receptionists can of course answer and make calls. The second option is making calls via apps such as Skype or Zoom, which you can install using Android OS. Finally, our favourite option: answering a call from the video intercom at the front door!

Fine-tune opening doors

This device is also user-friendly and makes receptionists’ jobs much easier. No more typing extension codes: all they need to do is press a virtual button on the phone's display to open the door. Users will also appreciate the practical video preview from the intercom camera that appears as soon as the phone starts ringing.

Bi-directional video

One of the best features the 2N® IP Phone D7A offers is the chance for two way video communication! To enable it, pair it with the 2N® IP Style video intercom at the entrance and a USB camera (Order No. 1120105).

Set it up easily

Setting up the 2N® IP Phone D7A couldn’t be easier - you only need one UTP cable for communication and power supply. Setting up calls is easy, too - you can do it within 3 minutes by using our quick guide.

Best for offices or residential buildings?

It’s great in both! Usually, the requirements of a modern reception desk are almost identical in both office and residential buildings. The 2N® IP Phone D7A adds a personal touch to receptions thanks to bi-directional video, heightens security thanks to the video preview, and makes a great addition to either an office intercom system or a video door entry system in apartment complexes.

Want to get your hands on the latest intercom phone by 2N?

We’re certain you’ll be more than happy with it! Get in touch with our team to discuss what it can do for you and why adding an intercom phone is a good idea no matter the project.