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What Wins Residential Projects? Watch 2N On Air

Register for the next episode of 2N On Air, which will air on 23 September 2021. Learn how to combine products and create elegant and functional solutions straight from the experts at Genetec, Crestron and Carson.

House and brands of companiesOur most successful customers provide solutions for the most challenging residential projects all around the world. Do you want to know the secret of their success? They integrate our products with other systems and offer truly comprehensive solutions. Become one of them.

Why will integration be the hot topic in 2022?

At 2N, we design all our products to be open for integration with third-party systems. Devices that can easily and seamlessly work with third-party products are the key to success in today's residential market. This trend is on the rise, and you should be prepared.

Why watch 2N On Air?

You can offer products based on open protocols and standards for more complex projects, where the customer requires a high degree of cooperation between systems. Mastering integration procedures will allow you to increase your profit margin, which is higher for delivering a complex integrated system than for installing a single standalone product.

Forget the dull theory. The whole broadcast is based on practical demonstrations on connecting 2N products and systems from the world's top players - Genetec, Crestron and Carson.

You can look forward to Radka, our integration queen, who will be your host during the programme. You will also see two Tomášs - the Director of the 2N Product Division and the 2N Sales Director. Most importantly, however, you will meet our guests from Genetec, Crestron and Carson, who will show you how easy it really is to integrate our systems.

Where, when and how?

We will be broadcasting on 23 September 2021 between 3pm and 5pm CET. We’ll be trying out a new platform for online events that we're sure you'll love. If your English isn’t up to scratch, there are subtitles in 6 languages (EN, DE, ES, FR, IT, CZ). And, as usual, we will be answering your questions during the broadcast.

Become an integration specialist in the residential segment

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