Gooseneck stand double

Order number: 9151007

A solid metal column for the installation of 2N® Force and 2N® Safety intercoms for entry gates used by cars and trucks. For increased visibility at night, the column is equipped with a reflective band. Download datasheet.

  • Stand adapted for 2N® IP Force and 2N® IP Safety intercoms
  • Robust design with durable surface finish
  • With a height of 115cm (45”) and 203cm (80”), it is ideal for entry gates
  • All cabling is hidden inside the stand

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The stand can be used by the entrance to industrial premises, sales or logistics centres, and parking areas with a closed access route. It is perfect for 2N® Force and 2N® Safety intercoms, both IP and analogue.

Technical Parameters
115cm/45” and 203cm/80”
21kg/46 pounds
Installation on base:
7 screws with a diameter of 15mm (not included in packaging)
Installation of intercom on stand:
4 screws for each intercom (included in packaging)
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Datasheet (EN) - 2N® IP Force Gooseneck Stand Double
Datasheets | PDF | 550kB