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Indoor Panels for Every Interior

From a safety perspective, every family will welcome the option of being able to see who is ringing their doorbell. Luxury answering units by 2N will let you know who is there immediately. Exchange a few words with the person standing outside or see who it is via the intercom camera before opening the door from the comfort of your home. If you happen to be out, your visitor can leave you a message, including a video recording on the 2N IP intercom.

  • Image from the intercom camera before accepting a call
  • Communicate with visitors and open the door
  • Video message if you miss a call
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Indoor Panels for Every Interior
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Components of the door communication system
Together with 2N IP intercoms, the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 indoor panel with a 7” display, which allows a video feed, and the basic 2N® Indoor Talk indoor panel offer a comprehensive solution for door communication. As soon as a visitor rings the bell at the front door, you can accept the call in your living room or kitchen with a single touch of the screen and just as easily open the door.

Wide range of use
The stylish 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 answering unit offers users a video feed from the intercom before answering a call. It also works as an audio-video answering machine for times when you are not at home. After the tone sounds, the visitor can leave you a message, including a video recording. You will also undoubtedly appreciate the “Do not disturb” mode, which will ensure nobody disturbs you at night. The 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 is also the ideal choice for your smart home. You can easily control the blinds, air-conditioning, lights, underfloor heating or security system via the unit.

Luxury appearance and high-quality materials
2N answering units are not only practical, but also an aesthetically-pleasing accessory for your home. They are available in elegant black or white. However, the emphasis is always placed on the selection of components of the very highest quality. Units are protected by highly-resistant, carefully crafted glass and utilise the highest quality audio components to achieve clean sound without any echoes.

Customer Success Stories
Luxurious Villa Protected by 2N
The newly redeveloped house required a modern access system that would secure the entrances while acting as a luxurious component of the building as a whole.

"We responded to the owner’s requests and selected an access solution from 2N. This was especially due to the reliability of their products, elegant design of corresponding units and ease of installation. The result is a welcoming and intuitive user environment that matches the luxurious design of the villa."
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