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Read how to draw up a comprehensive solution for an apartment building project.

apartment intercom systemsInstall a luxury full touchscreen intercom or a modular intercom at the entrance doors to modern apartment buildings. The intercom can be equipped with access control and all you need to do is choose the right one that satisfies your client to suit the project. Some residents prefer convenient access using a mobile phone, others stay with the traditional method of opening the door using a card. The HD camera in the intercom also recognises unwanted visitors and can send a picture of them to the facility manager. Increase security and integrate the intercom in a VMS or an alarm system.

However, access is not only required at the main entrance. You can, for example, place a robust intercom in an underground garage. Don’t forget to provide convenience of movement around the building for residents. Install a 2N access control system in the communal areas. You can select from various technologies – Bluetooth, multifrequency RFID, keypads or fingerprint readers, or even a combination of any.

In the apartments themselves, select from our wide range of stylish answering units. Only audio, with a display, with a touchscreen display or with an Android operating system – leave the choice to the customer.

But the solution wouldn’t be complete if you couldn’t administer it conveniently. Thanks to the free and secure My2N cloud, you can access devices wherever you are, so you don’t need to travel to the installation site.

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