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Connect Super-Easily to a Home Automation System

2N products can be easily connected to third-party systems, for example, a home automation system. You can, of course, communicate with visitors, or have your 2N IP intercom automatically switch on a light after opening the door. The indoor unit can start your lawn irrigation system, or you can set the temperature in the house via the display, control the blinds or switch on the underfloor heating.

  • Integration with home automation systems
  • Central control unit with a touchscreen display
  • Control via third-party Android applications
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Connect Super-Easily to a Home Automation System
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Integrate a 2N IP intercom into your smart home solution
An intercom by 2N can do more than just open the door. Incorporate it into solutions by companies such as Control4, Savant, RTI or Crestron and utilise its full potential. Thanks to perfect integration, it can call the answering units supplied by these companies and become a valuable part of a complex home automation system.

Home automation via the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0
The elegant 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 answering unit can operate as the main home automation control unit in your home. It uses an Android operating system and can be easily integrated into systems by Control4, Crestron and other manufacturers. Use the 7” touchscreen display with a safety glass screen to easily set the temperature, air-conditioning or underfloor heating in your home.