Extended Warranty

Have you ever found a product you bought developed a fault shortly after the warranty period expired? With 2N you need no longer worry about the extra cost of repairing products out of statutory warranty. You can now extend your warranty by a further 24 months.


What does the Extended Warranty service bring you?

  • 5-year protection of your hardware investment
  • The option to buy stays for 1 year after product purchase
  • 100% guarantee of goods being repaired or replaced free of charge
  • Free firmware upgrade
  • Saves claim costs

Which products does the Extended Warranty service cover?

The service applies to all products made by 2N.

How much will this service cost you?

When bought within 1 year of 2N product purchase
1 year Extended Warranty 7% of the product price
2 years Extended Warranty 14% of the product price