A Brief Guide to Modern Apartment Intercom Systems


 Camilla Ashdown, 21. 04. 2023 | 5 min read

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apartment intercom systems


Let us walk you through one of the most crucial aspects of modern multi-dwelling projects: proper access control. When it comes to apartment buildings, ensuring the safety, security, and comfort of residents is very important. And that's where modern, IP-based access technology comes in.

Gone are the days of traditional lock-and-key systems: today's apartment intercom systems use cutting-edge technology to provide a more secure, convenient, and reliable solution for building managers and residents alike. In this blog, we’ll briefly go over what’s needed to implement it.

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An outline of modern devices

IP intercoms

First things first: intercoms. Obviously, IP intercoms are an integral part of any modern apartment intercom system. On a simple level, they allow residents to communicate with visitors and grant them access to the building – however modern ones come with a vast range of features that enhance the project in ways that go beyond simply pressing a named button and calling someone’s apartment.

For example, the right video intercom can have a camera that offers a wide-angle, full-HD video feed! It can also have a 10’’ touchscreen display, combine multiple access control methods in one device (including mobile access – the best of all), support two-way video communication, have a customisable UI that allows customers to choose what’s on the intercom’s display… the list can be endless!

Indoor panels – or mobile apps

Indoor panels are placed inside the resident’s home, and come in all shapes and sizes, with a range of capabilities – from audio-only to more advanced units that can stream video calls and be integrated with home automation. In general, you shouldn’t only go for practicality – make sure you’re also choosing a device that looks good, since end users will care about this (we guarantee!)

A great new modern feature is to use resident’s mobile phones as indoor panels: via an app that can accept calls from the video intercom at the front door. This option is fantastic allows residents to be able to answer their doors remotely and combining this it with an indoor panel gives them the best of both worlds!

Access control readers

Larger apartment buildings with multiple common areas need access control readers to secure more than just the front door.

The best combine a controller and edge device in one unit and can also support multiple access methods to give users flexibility.

Do residents want modern features?

It’s true that the average end-user doesn’t know much about the finer points of access control, and not many would demand the latest intercom and features such as QR code reading. However, this doesn’t mean you should neglect offering them the best in technology, now rather than later.

Anticipating market demands will ensure that you can keep ahead of what your customers will want once the technology is standard practice. It also can add to the value of your project, bringing more convenience and comfort to residents!

Speaking of convenience, mobile access control is another must-have feature for modern apartment intercom systems. Mobile access control allows residents to use their smartphones as keys to access the building, eliminating the need for physical keys or access cards. Not only does this make entering the building more convenient for residents, but it also enhances security by providing a more secure and trackable access solution.

Mobile access control systems typically use either Bluetooth or NFC technology to communicate between the resident's smartphone and the building's access control system. When the resident walking towards the intercom or access reader, the system recognizes the device’s Bluetooth signal and grants access, sometimes as quickly as in 0.3 seconds!

Is using modern access technology worth it?

Put simply – yes.

The benefits of modern features in apartment intercom systems go beyond convenience and security. These systems also provide building managers with greater control and flexibility over calling management and access permissions. Thanks to these cloud-based management platforms admins can quickly add or remove residents, change access permissions, and track who has accessed the building and when.

Only modern access technology lets you integrate other security features, such as CCTV cameras and alarms, into a single, unified system. This provides a more comprehensive security solution and allows building managers to respond quickly to any security incidents.

In conclusion

In conclusion, modern access control systems are a must-have feature for multi-dwelling residential projects. Apartment intercom systems, such as IP intercoms paired with access control readers and indoor panels, provide a secure and convenient way for residents to communicate with visitors and grant access to the building. Mobile access control allows residents to use their mobile phones as keys, providing a more secure and convenient access solution. Cloud-based access control systems provide building managers with greater control and flexibility over access permissions and can integrate other security features into a single, unified system. And, perhaps most importantly, modern apartment intercom systems enhance the overall resident experience, making apartment living more convenient and enjoyable.