02.02.2023 Compatibility

2N IP Intercom integration with new C-CURE 9000 v3.0: all you need to know

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As you might be aware, 2N IP Intercoms already support C-CURE 9000 integration: and of course, we will also support the newest version: C-CURE 9000 v3.0!

To make sure you get everything you need to know - join our live webinar:
2N IP Intercoms and C-CURE IQ integration on February 7th at 10 am!

The webinar will be held in English
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door access control systemWhat can you expect?

  • 2N and JCI experts will give a live demonstration of the integrated solution
  • We’ll explain the benefits of 2N video intercoms in different applications
  • Examples of how to increase the security of the building by combining access control and intercom system
  • Live Q&A session

Other supporting materials/resources include:

What’s great about this integration?

Integration with 2N IP intercoms to create a cohesive, secure solution - Increase the protection of people, buildings, and assets right from the front door. Add, monitor, and control the 2N IP video intercoms through the C-CURE user interface. 2N IP intercoms are directly integrated with C-CURE 9000 v3.0 without the need for any extra server. Furthermore, with the continuous 24/7 monitoring of the intercom’s status, users can immediately respond to incidents and trigger an action – either manually or automatically via the platform.

Call management - Operators can effectively place, respond to, and manage intercom calls directly from their C-CURE 9000 v3.0 graphical user interface. Call commands (initiate, terminate, or put a call on hold) are available through the graphical maps or in the device tree.

Device monitoring - Continuous 24/7 monitoring of 2N IP intercoms and event reporting in the Journal. Intercom events, calls, and connection states are represented by icons on the graphic maps.

Event linkage & door control - Operators can request door opening directly from the master station using a programable button. Furthermore, the intercom’s status or events can be linked with actions in the access control or any sub-system connected to C-CURE 9000 v3.0.

Which 2N IP intercoms work with this integration?

All our IP Intercoms could be the perfect fit for you: but here’s a selection of the best

2N® IP StyleGreat for high-end projects: our flagship video intercom features a 5MPX, wide-range camera, multiple access options and most recently a unique AntiBac coating that destroys 99% of bacteria and viruses. It’s also super durable - despite its sleek appearance!

2N® IP VersoThe world’s most modular IP intercom! Available with a touchscreen display, RFID card reader, and/or a Bluetooth module for mobile access. Multiple finish options and endless combinations mean that the IP Verso can always suit your project’s needs.

2N® IP ForceA virtually indestructible intercom great for high-security projects or securing car parks. Use it in tandem with C-CURE and another IP Intercom on the front door for enhanced visitor monitoring

2N® IP Phone D7A - Create a truly modern reception by using our IP phone. Preview the person waiting via the IP video intercoms camera on the built in 7’’ touchscreen display, and open the door at the mere touch of a button – and of course, integrate flawlessly with C-CURE 9000 v3.0.

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