03.02.2023 Solutions

Design Your Own Graphical Interface for the 2N® IP Style IP Intercom

We offer close to endless possibilities for what you can display on the IP intercom. From custom colours to personalised layouts, additional information to animation—it’s all up to you.

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Does your customer want a special icon for couriers on their 2N® IP Style intercom display? Or perhaps they requested an orange interface and you want to give it to them… Whatever they need, the new 2N OS version 2.37 has made the display API available to you. In combination with other supported API functions, this means we've enabled you to create your own graphical display interface.

How does the interface work?

  • The server/computer on which your code runs sends the main display image to the intercom via the API
  • The display detects where the user has touched it
  • The server/computer receives an indication of where the touch was made and sends another image via the API, or it can do anything else that the API of the 2N® IP Style intercom allows (make a call, activate a switch, take a picture with the camera, etc.)

This process happens within milliseconds and is constantly repeated. Not quite sure what that means? The following demonstration will help you: we’ve developed a custom code for a typical residential project.

Watch the video to learn what a customised 2N® IP Style video intercom GUI can look like in a residential project.

In this picture, you can see what the interface of the residential project in the example consists of and how it works.


  • Uninterrupted connection to the server/computer that the programme is running on.
  • Someone also actually needs to write the programme: and you're probably wondering how much something like this costs. Our interface for residential buildings in the video above took a UX designer about 16 hours (2 MDs) to design and a developer about 24 hours (3 MDs) to code in Python.
  • You can find a detailed description of how to work with the API display in the user manual and, if necessary, our pre-sales department will help you.

Customise your 2N® IP Style IP intercom without coding

You can also customise the video intercom using traditional settings in its web interface, and there are loads of possibilities! What does it all entail?

  • Display in idle mode – you can choose from three modes. The first is Presentation mode, in which up to 8 images that you upload to the display will be displayed in sequence. The second is Logo mode, in which the company logo will appear on the display. The third is Address mode, to which you can even add a time and weather display.
  • Language – you can also set the language of the texts on the display. Choose from a whopping 16 languages!
  • Home screen display – modifying the directory listing is very popular. You can choose between the classic design and large tile view, which is ideal for office buildings where multiple companies reside. In fact, you can display large company logos on the tiles.
  • But there's so much more. You can customise what the keypad looks like and whether to display it at all, if you want the intercom to respond to touch with sound, or you can even customise the background image. For a complete list, see the display setup manual.
  • As with other video intercoms, with the 2N® IP Style you can customise other details such as user sounds. And in fact, the entire Automation section offers you the option to tailor the behaviour of the video intercom to any scenario the customer can think of.

One more tip…

We’ve also opened up the API to another video intercom with a display, so you can have your own graphical interface on the 2N® IP Verso intercom.

Do you have an unusual display requirement?

With 2N OS version 2.37, you can customise the display of the 2N® IP Style video intercom to even the most outlandish customer wishes.

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