18.07.2022 Software

Configure a Communicator Connected to the 2N® EasyGate IP via SMS

Are you tired of tediously setting every parameter of the communicator in the lift cabin via DTMF? The 2N® EasyGate IP with new firmware 1.5.0 will make all that a thing of the past.

Configure the 2N® Lift1 via SMS

2N Lift1, Mobile in handWhy remember every single parameter that needs to be set in the communicator and then typing them into the keypad of your phone one number at a time. If you connect the 2N® Lift1 analogue communicator to the 2N® EasyGate IP, you can easily set it up with an SMS sent to the gateway’s number. Ideally, save a template message in your mobile phone, then you can always just adjust a few parameters and send it to the specific gateway. Job done, it’s all set.

Communicate via RS232 and a modem

The 2N® EasyGate IP can now also communicate via an RS232 serial interface. This has been part of the gateway since its launch, but was not supported until now. Take advantage of this new feature and connect it to a lift controller, for example. The gateway will send all messages received from the controller via the internet to the TCP/IP server you set up. Similarly, the gateway can now forward data received via the modem to the server.

Small improvements that you’ll appreciate in practice

Do you have a communicator that needs a higher line current connected to the 2N® EasyGate IP? A new parameter has been added to the gateway configuration interface for this. You can set the required current yourself in the range of 15 to 30 mA. Based on your requests, we’ve also enabled backup of the first SIM card with a second one by default in the new firmware. This way the gateway will automatically switch between SIM cards if there is any fluctuation in the operator’s signal in the machine room.

Are you looking for a timeless gateway to use in your project?

The modern 2N® EasyGate IP 4G gateway is the right choice. Among other things, it provides reliable DTMF transmission and can be remotely managed and monitored. Would you like to find out more?

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