07.07.2022 Compatibility

How to Achieve Advanced Integration of 2N Intercoms With Crestron Home?

Additional integration with Lighting Control (LCD) will make it easier. This software provides advanced integration between Crestron Home and our intercoms. Furthermore, you'll speed up installation considerably!

2N IP Style, Crestron HomeLighting Control specializes in the development of system drivers for the Crestron Home system. There is one such driver (2N Driver for Crestron) that enhances and improves the integration between 2N intercoms and the Crestron Home system.

What will you get?

  • Faster installation – conventional integration requires a special Crestron relay to be installed next to the door, which will open it. With the LCD driver, you connect the door lock directly to the intercom and you don't need to install the Crestron relay.
  • Advanced Scenarios – events such as motion detection, noise detection, and I/O status can be linked to events on other devices connected to the Crestron Home system. This allows you to create different scenarios that enhance resident safety or make life more comfortable for them.
  • Door monitoring – also worth mentioning is the fact that you can monitor doors and gates directly from the Crestron panel and Crestron App.

How to get a driver

Obviously, you must have one of the 2N® IP Style, 2N® IP Verso or 2N ® IP Solo intercoms and a Crestron Home system as part of your project. Then you simply navigate to the Lighting Control website and choose between the intercom controller for the family home and the intercom controller for the apartment building. All instruction manuals can be found on the Lighting Control website and on the company's profile on the 2N Integration HUB.

Interested in advanced intercom integration with Crestron Home?

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