29.04.2022 Software

Delegate Smartly, Back Up Quickly and Manage Access Efficiently

The new version of 2N® Access Commander 2.3 introduces three massive improvements. We’ve squeezed them all into a single article for you.

Delegate administration to the right people

Rest satisfied manThe main system administrator doesn’t have to look after everything. The key to efficiency is delegation of tasks to other administrators. This is why we have improved the existing authentication method for access and added a few more. Now any manager role can also use the selected widgets on the dashboard. They will also see widgets and logs relevant to their roles. What are the types of access rights you can find in 2N® Access Commander 2.3?

  • User management – the user manager creates and edits users and visitors and manages user groups.
  • Access management – the access manager is in charge of groups, time profiles, access rules and visitors.
  • Attendance management – the attendance manager monitors and edits the attendance system.
  • Visitor management – the visitor manager can be assigned one or even more companies if they are a receptionist in a building with several companies.
  • Door control – the authorised user can open, lock and monitor the intercom camera on the assigned door. A typical user is a receptionist who can see the door or turnstile and control it from a widget on the dashboard.

Settings: User detail, Authorization section

Back up directly in the web interface

In the last version of the software, we introduced settings for basic system functions (time, date, network parameters, enabling/disabling SSH) directly in the web interface. In the new version, we are adding software backup and recovery. This will significantly speed up the entire (very important) backup process.

You can back up immediately or periodically. You decide whether you back up to local or remote storage. You can easily restore a backup from local storage or a file in the same location. You can even duplicate the settings of another installation with 2N® Access Commander software.

Settings: Settings -> System backup

Access matrix: simply better auditing and access management

Access rights constantly change, especially in larger installations, and access administrators have been calling for simple audit options. We have completely redesigned the access rules page. In the new matrix, the administrator can clearly see which user group has access to which zone. In addition, the icon in the matrix simply tells them whether the group has unrestricted access or time-limited access. The administrator can even filter the matrix to a level of detail where they can compare the access rights of individual users.

But it’s not just about auditing. The new access matrix becomes a centre for managing access rules. You can very easily change and assign access rights in the matrix.

Settings: Access Rules

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