02.02.2022 Software

Send Access Credentials From the New 2N® Access Commander With One Click

The latest version 2.2 of the 2N® Access Commander software offers several useful features. See how operators and installers can save a lot of time.

Make visitor onboarding super efficient

2N Access Commander, Person, NotebookThere’s no need to follow up a visitor’s credential email with a time-wasting second one, explaining how to get to the office, where to park, who to report to, etc. All this can now be included along with the credential itself, thanks to the new email templates. For each template, you can change the email subject line, introductory text, additional text and links, and signature. Further more, you can maintain your company’s brand identity as templates can be fully customised to offer just the right look.

Forget about configuration via the console

Since the new software version, you can set up basic system functions (time, date, network parameters, SSH enable/disable) directly in the web interface of the 2N® Access Commander software. This now makes installation of the 2N® Access Commander Box, in particular, considerably more convenient. You no longer have to connect a monitor and keyboard to the box to set everything up via the less user-friendly blue console. Just connect the mini PC to the network and start using it immediately.

Control any door

You instantly loved the ability to control doors from widgets on the dashboard. Now the operator can open any door even if it's not represented by a dashboard widget. Simply click on the three dots in the top right corner of the device detail and select Open Door.

2N® Access Commander for every office project

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