08.09.2022 Software

Discover 2N Access Commander 2.4 – Our Latest Updates

We’ve updated our 2N® Access Commander to give you some great new benefits. What are they?

door access control systemAttendance monitoring made more affordable

Running an installation of 2N® Access Commander using our free ‘Basic’ license? Now you’ll be able to add on an ‘Attendance Monitoring’ license*. What’s so great about that? Well - it makes attendance monitoring affordable even for smaller sites (those with ≤ 5 devices and ≤ 50 users) as they'll no longer have to pay to upgrade 2N® Access Commander before they can apply the Attendance Monitoring add-on.

How does the Attendance Monitoring add-on work? Employees swipe their card on the IN reader and it is recognised as the start of the working day, and then on the OUT reader once they take a break or leave the building for the day. Their attendance is recorded within 2N® Access Commander itself - allowing either admin/managers/HR personnel to monitor it, or for it to be integrated with a professional Time & Attendance system.

*Please note the ‘Basic & Attendance monitoring’ license can only be applied to 2N® Access Commander version 2.4 or superior

Your feedback made easier

Here at 2N, we welcome any feedback you have and believe that the key to successful development is to listen to daily users’ thoughts and ideas. The last step was simply to make it easier to give them to us! That’s why 2N® Access Commander 2.4 will allow feedback for improvements to be provided directly within the application by any 2N® Access Commander user with management authorization.

Do you manage access control in a small company that would benefit from attendance tracking?

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