13.05.2021 Software

Discover New Possibilities in Our Lift Access Control Solution

These are brought in the new firmware 2.32 for indoor stations. New possibilities mean yet another reason to convince your customers why they should have lift access control solution in the building.

Restricting access to individual floors accessible via the lift increases the efficiency of the access control system. Firmware 2.32 in our indoor stations broadens the range of options the system provides. With the indoor station, residents can now allow visitors access only to floors, where they live. Woman, Answering Unit

How does the lift access control solution work?

The access reader in the lift authenticates the building resident and allows them access only to their own floor and communal areas (e.g., garages). But what happens if a visitor comes to the building? The visitor rings the intercom at the door. The resident opens the door from the indoor station and then uses a special button to allow the visitor to travel to their floor via the lift. The visitor can press any button in the lift, but they will only be taken to the permitted floor.

How are the indoor stations controlled?

After pressing the lock button, an icon for opening the door and a special lift access icon appear. In a typical scenario, the resident presses both buttons in turn when a visitor comes to the building. On the 2N® Indoor Talk audio unit, the lift access icon is replaced by a long press of the lock icon.

The solution is compatible with the 2N® Indoor View, 2N® Indoor Compact and 2N® Indoor Talk indoor stations and also with the 2N® Mobile Video application.

What do you need for the solution?

  • An intercom at the door to the apartment building and indoor stations installed in the flats.
  • You also need an access reader (or an intercom) in the lift where residents will be authenticated.
  • The solution also requires an AXIS A9188 relay for lifts to control the buttons on the lift panel.
  • You’ll configure the whole solution in the 2N® Access Commander software.

Getting ready for the 2N® IP Style

Firmware 2.32 offers yet another important new feature. The units must be prepared so they can receive high-quality, widescreen video from the 2N® IP Style intercom.

Would you like to offer a complete access control system?

Include a lift access control solution. Our specialists will tell you more about it.

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