02.11.2021 Solutions

Do You Know 2N Online Tools? You Can Now Find Them All in One Place

Our online tools simplify work for tens of thousands of our customers every day. To make them as handy as possible, we have moved the links to them directly to the main menu on the 2N website. Take a look to see if any of them can help you in your everyday work.

Online ToolsProject Designer – create a complete access control system project online. Start off with the project type and then choose the intercom and its exact specifications. Add indoor stations, and because you must not forget about security for communal areas, choose the right access readers. Add the necessary accessories for everything and export it as a PDF or XLS file. All of this without searching for a single order number.

Virtual Experience – take a walk through our virtual building and explore all the places where you can install our intercoms, access readers and indoor stations. Click on a product, see it in detail from every possible angle, and even break it down into its individual parts if you like. Your customers will surely appreciate a 3D tour like this.

Integration HUB – find compatible video management systems, home automation systems, cameras, PBXs and many other types of products. Find detailed information about individual integration projects all in one place. Find out what integration with your selected partner involves, what you need for it, and how to set up the interconnection.

For architects and planners – don’t do any unnecessary work, we have already prepared everything for you. Detailed product specifications? We have them. CAD drawings? Ready. BIM objects? Yes!

Media Library – all the marketing materials you need can be found in our library. Photos, banners, datasheets, print quality catalogues and much more. In total, 120 GB of data is available for any stage of your marketing communications.

Academy – learn new things online directly when we broadcast our live webinars, but also whenever you have the time with our e-learning courses. You will find courses in several world languages on the portal.

Explore our tools right away. Take a look at the main website menu at the top and click on the Online Tools section ⬆