30.04.2021 Software

Don’t Miss Out on Improvements Offered by New Firmware 2.32

Use a new type of access credential, link our products to My2N more easily, discover the fastest mobile access technology on the market, and enjoy easier integration with Axis Camera Station.

Licence Plate Recognition

car in front of the barrierUse car licence plates as access credentials. You can already start restricting access to the garage today. You could, for example, install a 2N® IP Force unit on the gooseneck next to the barrier. The employee arrives at the intercom, swipes their RFID card and the barrier opens. But you can now significantly speed up the whole process of employee authentication.

Install a suitable camera (an Axis camera with Artpec 6 processor or higher) so that it can read the licence plates of incoming cars. Then connect the camera to the intercom (or an access reader), and the barrier will automatically open for cars with authorised licence plates. The camera must also have software (ACAP) by Vaxtor installed – VaxALPR on Camera v.2.2.15.

Simplify administration of all access credentials, including licence plates, using 2N® Access Commander software.

Easier connection to My2N

The simplest way to connect one of our products to the My2N cloud portal is using the security code. We provide a security code printed on a small card with each product. This is where the problem has been until now. You may have lost the card or only decided later to link the product to My2N. We have resolved the issue by letting you generate a new security code yourself in the intercom’s web interface.

Intercoms can now call answering units free of charge via My2N cloud. This means that the intercom and answering unit don’t have to be in the same network. All they need is internet access.

Manage intercoms directly from the Axis Camera Station

We have enhanced integration with the Axis Camera Station video management system. You can now change settings and perform basic configuration of the intercom directly in ACS. What exactly can you do? For example, change the login, edit users, change the time, restart and reset the device.

WaveKey and new modes

Our evolutionary new WaveKey technology for access using a mobile phone is an integral part of firmware 2.32. Go to the WaveKey technology page. Discover the advantages it offers and find out which 2 new Bluetooth access modes you can choose from.

What else does FW 2.32 offer?

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