31.10.2022 Solutions

Adding Devices to My2N is Now Much Easier

Introducing a new feature of the My2N Management Platform that relieves you from the hassle of entering long serial numbers and security codes.

When you want to add a 2N device (intercom, answering unit or access reader) to My2N you have to copy the product serial number and security code from the product ownership card… But now, you don't have to! From now on, you only need to scan the QR code on the card, and don't need to copy a thing.

How do you scan the code? You simply click on SCAN QR CODE and point the camera of your laptop or phone at the card. Watch the video below to see how quick it is.

Quick tip: Did you know that you can prepare the whole installation in advance in the My2N Management Platform? Simply set up calls between products while you're still in the office and then you don't even need to switch the products on! Upload them remotely to My2N using the QR code card, and then set up the call. Then all you need to do is tell the technician which devices to install and where, and as soon as they connect them to the internet everything works instantly.

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