06.04.2022 Software

Final Update of the 2N® Mobile Video App. What Will Replace It?

We’re introducing the new and last version of the 2N® Mobile Video 1.12 app and its optimisation of notifications. But video calls from intercoms to smartphones are about to undergo a fundamental change.

Optimisation of notifications

Hand, MobileFirst of all, let’s start with the improvements offered by the new version 1.12. We’ve optimised push notifications in our 2N® Mobile Video app, even on less common Android phones. In doing so, we’ve ensured greater accessibility for users with a phone that doesn’t exactly rank among the best-selling models. We expect a relatively small, but positive impact on more common types of smartphones as well.

We’ve also reduced the delay between starting a call on the intercom and the 2N® Mobile Video app ringing on the user’s smart device. For the visitor at the intercom, this means a shorter wait. Realistically, this is only two seconds at most, but those two seconds could be crucial if the visitor needs to use the restroom.

A new, better app

Over the course of the next few months, you can look forward to a new app which will completely replace the existing 2N® Mobile Video app. Existing users will not have to worry about this change. They will not need to install the new app. The current app will simply change over to the new app with a new name and modern user interface when the time comes.

During the first stage, the basic function of the app will remain the same (receiving video calls from an intercom to a smartphone or tablet). In addition to this, we will be adding some cool new features. For example, landscape mode, which displays the video call across the entire phone screen. But the later stages of the rollout are no less important. We will be adding more functions to the app which will make access to the building even more convenient for residents. All of this managed entirely via My2N cloud.

We understand that this change raises many questions. Rest assured that we will keep you and your customers posted about all the latest information well in advance.

Keep offering 2N® Mobile Video

Order numbers and our pricing policy for the service will remain the same.

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