17.07.2023 Software

How to Make the Configuration of Video Door Entry Systems More Efficient

Use the latest improvements to the My2N Management Platform to make configuring your video door entry systems much easier

We’ve recently added two new features to the My2N Management platform designed to make the configuration of your video door entry systems quicker and more efficient! What are they?

Improved CSV importvideo door entry systems

You’ve been able to import users to the My2N Management Platform in bulk for some time – but now you can bulk import both users and their corresponding apartments by importing users alongside the name of the apartment they live in.

A great thing about this new feature is that you’re not limited in terms of which name you give the apartment – it doesn't have to be the apartment number (for example 308), you can put any designation you like, even the family name. What’s more, apartments are created automatically by importing, so you don't even need to have the apartments created in advance which is another way the My2N Management Platform works to save you time!

Apartment-level cloud calling rights

The second new feature is closely connected to the apartment-level access management we added recently to the My2N Management Platform as part of new access control features.

Now, not only can you set access rights for entire apartments instead of individuals - but you can also configure calling to apartments as well. This makes the configuration of cloud calling from IP intercoms to indoor panels (or mobile apps) far more efficient – and means that when residents move out, new residents can automatically take over the cloud calling rights instead of you having to assign them new ones.

Recently released features in the My2N Management Platform – and how does it make the configuration of video door entry systems better?

Assigning RFID cards and PIN codes to users

You can already assign RFID cards and PIN codes to users directly in the My2N Management Platform. However, soon, you’ll be able to also support Bluetooth technology too!

Access Groups: assign access rights quicker

Create an access group (door group) and assign it to users or apartments. The basic group will be the entrances to the building, the second group can be the entrance to the garage (for residents with cars), and the third group could be, for example, the entrance to the building’s gym for only the tenants who have paid to use it.

Access logs: make access monitoring easier

The access logs in the My2N Management Platform make seeing who was entering or leaving at certain time stamps a breeze – and allows you to quickly get to the bottom of any incidents.

Who is the My2N Management Platform for?

The cloud platform nature of the My2N Management Platform means it’s great for residential building managers (facility managers) that have large portfolios of buildings that are on different networks; and who are also often on the move. Being able to access the platform from anywhere, at any time, means they can save considerable money and time!

Residential building managers can also often be overwhelmed with what they must oversee: they are responsible for the entire building, including security systems, cameras, parking, cleaning, heating, green maintenance and even garbage. Having dozens of different requirements means navigating multiple management systems. The My2N Management Platform only offers features that building managers use most often, making call and access management straightforward and efficient.

Want a more efficient configuration?

The My2N Management Platform can help you in so many ways! Our talented team are ready and waiting to discuss how it can bring efficiency to the configuration of your residential video door entry system.

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