13.06.2022 Compatibility

Interconnect 2N Video Intercoms With MS Teams

The transition from a classic business phone system to a multifunction communication and collaboration platform is a hot topic. Offer integration with 2N IP intercoms for such projects.

Interconnect 2N video intercoms with MS TeamsThe work-from-home trend has declined only slightly, and companies need platforms that don't differentiate between calling colleagues in the office and calling colleagues at the home office. Cloud-based calling platforms like MS Teams are the answer.

You might think that at that point you're missing out on some of the benefits of a traditional phone system (such as integration with video intercoms). In fact, you are not. The solution can again be found in integration. This time, integration with our technology partner CyberTwice.

The experts at CyberTwice have developed the CyberGate application, which enables calls from the intercom to MS Teams. Furthermore, CyberGate can be found directly at the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, so ordering it is extremely convenient.

So what does the integration offer?

  • Audio and video calls,
  • opening doors directly from the MS Teams client,
  • client support on both desktop PC and smartphone,
  • video recording of both answered and missed calls and their playback,
  • and calls to individual users and groups of users.

"The number of companies using Microsoft Teams continues to grow. We are excited to become a member of the 2N Integration HUB platform with our CyberGate SaaS service. Our joint solution provides seamless integration of 2N IP intercoms into MS Teams with two-way audio and live video. Furthermore, you can find it directly at the Microsoft Azure Marketplace", says Frank Kuipers - CyberTwice B.V.

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