25.05.2022 Software

Leaflet With Everything About the 4 Wavekey Modes. Sharing Allowed

The next time a customer asks you, "What methods can I use to open with WaveKey?" Do not explain anything and simply send the leaflet we have prepared for you.

Or perhaps even you yourself are confused about using the 4 modes? The new leaflet will make it clear once and for all. You will find out how each mode works and in which areas to use it. We'll compare convenience with safety and answer questions like:Wavekey

  • How fast is the touch mode?
  • Does the phone display have to be on when using card mode?
  • Can two-factor authentication be part of the tap in app mode?
  • How sensitive is the motion mode?

So, don't wait any longer: download, save and share.

>> Download the Leaflet <<

Introducing WaveKey

WaveKey is our patented technology that solved three major Bluetooth access problems. Reliability, speed and security. First, let's focus on reliability. We have subjected our technology to months of demanding tests on hundreds of devices from dozens of manufacturers to make sure WaveKey will always open the door.

But you needn't worry about lines forming at the door. WaveKey will open the doors faster than any other technology. Even faster than you can blink. On average, in 0.3 seconds. And what about the security? Security is mainly ensured by our own encryption channel between the reader and the smartphone and a special algorithm that recognizes whether you are approaching or moving away from the reader.

What's more, mobile access credentials are completely free with WaveKey.

Do you have the ideal project to access by a smartphone?

Our experts will gladly help you with that. Contact us via email and we'll give you a call.

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