07.06.2022 Events

The End of 2G/3G in Elevator Communication

Are you a elevator-head? Get ready for the network revolution in 2022.

2N webinar

How the end of the „old“ networks affects the emergency communication in elevators? Watch 60 minutes webinar with 2N experts, makers of revolutionary 2N® EasyGate IP and 2N® LiftGate. Learn how to switch to IP and VoIP, solve the issue of DTMF signal distortions and start enjoying the benefits of remote control and monitoring. Hands on session with the real client case study.

In case you missed the Interlift, Europe's largest elevator exhibition, we´ll also go through the most important stuff for you with live QA session.

Register to the 2N elevator webinar, June 23, 2022, 3PM CET

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