22.01.2024 News

Less administration for apartment intercom system managers!

Trim property managers’ workloads and put day-to-day apartment intercom system management in the hands of users with new ‘Apartment Admin’ role in My2N Management Platform

apartment intercom systemsThe My2N Management Platform has been designed to make the management and configuration of apartment intercom systems more efficient – and our latest update only adds to that! Introducing a new Apartment Admin user role!

What is it, and what can the Apartment Admin do?

The site admin (usually the property manager) can now assign a resident of their apartment building as an ‘Apartment Admin’ and give them some basic control over access rights. The nominated resident can:

  • Add, remove, and rename users within apartments
  • Assign PIN codes to users – and revoke/reassign them
  • Assign PIN codes to entire apartments for visitors: this works in the same manner as adding an anonymous user within apartments 
  • Activate cloud calling from the apartment’s intercom to users’ mobile phones.
    Please note that the apartment must have a cloud-calling license already assigned to it by the site admin: cloud calling requires a paid license and the Apartment Admin is not responsible for this.
    Cloud calling licences allow for up to 4 devices per apartment, which means that the Apartment Admin can activate devices in the future once needed (for example, if a child in the apartment becomes old enough to answer the door from their phone)
  • Manage RFID card credentials within the system – usually, the apartment admin will not have a reader, so they can't assign a new RFID card to users, but they can view RFID card numbers and delete them in case of loss or theft.

Why is it useful?

It’s great for two reasons:

  1. It saves property managers’ time by allowing them to delegate day-to-day admin to users
  2. It helps residents by giving them more autonomy over their access: allowing a resident of the apartment building helps ensure quicker responses to small, everyday issues (property managers often manage more than one project and, understandably, can some time to respond to day-to-day requests) 

How does it work?

The site admin will always be the one who sets up the access rights for the building.

I.e. it is only the site admin who decides whether the residents of apartment 23 can have access to the building’s gym, for example. What the Apartment Admin does, is inherit the access rights and carry out the simple, day-to-day tasks mentioned above.

Apartment Admins can manage what they need by logging in to my2n.com using their My2N account (on desktop or mobile). Later this year, they’ll also be able to use the My2N App, too! Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

More about the My2N Management Platform

The My2N Management Platform was designed specifically for residential building managers who oversee diverse aspects of residential buildings and their apartment intercom systems.

Residential building managers juggle responsibilities ranging from security and surveillance to facilities, heating, and waste management. They often manage more than one building, across different networks, so they need a service that can allow them to control aspects of the apartment intercom system whilst on the move!

This is why the My2N Management Platform is great: it’s a cloud-based service, which means it offers remote management. This empowers property managers to do things such as handle access rights and address 4 out of 5 customer requests from any location, at any time—saving on travel costs and enhancing overall efficiency.

Some examples of remote access management via My2N include:

Apartment-Level Access Management: Bid farewell to the laborious task of individually configuring access rights for residents. Simplify the process by setting access permissions for entire apartments through the apartment intercom system, allowing seamless inheritance for new residents.

Assign RFID Cards and PIN Codes: Allocate RFID cards and PIN codes directly through the My2N Management Platform. Stay tuned for upcoming support for WaveKey, our Bluetooth mobile access control technology, which provides an additional layer of convenience.

Creating Access Groups: Create customized access groups, or door groups, and assign them to users or apartments. For example, designate the primary group for building entrances, the secondary group for garage access (only for those who require vehicle access), and a third group for exclusive access to the building's gym (catering to tenants who have paid for this amenity)

Access Logs: Monitor apartment intercom system access effortlessly with access logs. Track entries and exits at specific timestamps, ensuring swift resolution of incidents by identifying individuals on the premises.

Delegate apartment intercom system access management to residents!

Save time and boost efficiency with the new Apartment Admin role in the My2N Management Platform

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