27.11.2023 Software

Simplify Adding Users to Your Door Entry System

The My2N Management Platform now has an option to add a user with no login details:
making door entry system access management more convenient!

door access control systemThe My2N Management Platform is all about making door entry system management and configuration as hassle-free as possible – and our latest addition to the platform will do just that iff you often need to add users but don’t have their personal details.

Introducing new ‘Site user without login’ user role in the My2N Management Platform

Before this update, to assign PIN codes or RFID access credentials to users, you needed to provide an email address – however, we felt that this was limiting some installations.

When is this user role useful?

In apartment intercom systems

  • When there are family members (for example children or elderly people) who don’t have an email address at all but need to be assigned a PIN code or RFID credential.
  • When property managers need to create RFID cards and assign them to apartments, but they don’t yet know the personal details of the future tenants.

In office intercom systems

  • In the commercial segment, some workers (for example those onboarding or freelancing) don’t have a company email address and don’t want to use their personal one. But, they nonetheless still need access credentials!

In general

  • In cases where integration partners don’t want to share personal data about their users.

How does the new user role work?

You create a new user role and assign their role as ‘Site user without login’. You then assign this user to an apartment and give them the RFID or PIN credentials needed.

Please note, that this new user role cannot be created via a CSV import, and they will not be able to use the My2N App. You can upgrade this ‘Site user without login’ role at any time to add the email address and make them a standard user.

What else does the My2N Management Platform offer door entry systems?

Manage access rights efficiently and remotely

  1. Apartment-Level Access Management: Say goodbye to the tedious task of individually configuring access rights for residents and streamline apartment intercom system set access permissions for entire apartments, allowing new residents to seamlessly inherit them automatically.
  2. Assigning RFID Cards and PIN Codes: You can allocate RFID cards and PIN codes to users directly within the My2N Management Platform. Additionally, we're working on introducing support for WaveKey, our Bluetooth mobile access control technology, as an added convenience.
  3. Access Groups: Create customized access groups, also known as door groups, and assign them to users or apartments. For instance, the primary group could cover building entrances, the secondary group could include garage access (for residents with vehicles), and a third group might grant access to the building's gym, exclusively for tenants who have paid for its use.
  4. Access Logs: Simplify door entry system access monitoring with access logs. Easily track entries and exits at specific timestamps, enabling swift resolution of any incidents by identifying who was on the premises.

Who Benefits from the My2N Management Platform?

The My2N Management Platform has been purpose-built to cater to the needs of residential building managers, typically individuals responsible for overseeing buildings and their door entry system needs, often while constantly on the move. 

Residential building managers carry the weight of overseeing every aspect of a building, encompassing security systems, surveillance cameras, building facilities, cleaning services, heating systems, green maintenance initiatives, and even waste management. 

They need efficiency and convenience – which is why the My2N Management Platform offers a curated set of features tailored to the specific needs of building managers on a cloud-based network. 

This allows them to manage access rights and deal with 4 out of 5 customer requests from anywhere, at any time – saving on travel costs and increasing efficiency!

Streamline door entry system configuration & management

Use the My2N Management Platform. Want to know more? Our team are ready and willing to answer any queries you might have.

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