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Merry Clipsmas from 2N!

This year, unwrap the perfect gift for every home 

We've created something perfect for every interior. Can you guess what it might be? (The clue is in the headline!)

So, it literally is a ‘Merry Clipsmas’!

The 2N® Clip is a clever little indoor station that brings the power of IP to every home. We designed it for midrange residential projects that want to enhance project security whilst staying within budget. With a 4" screen, smart features, easy installation and a price to meet every budget, we’re certain the 2N® Clip will spark joy in any household, Christmas or not!

Remind yourself of all the features of our latest indoor station

Enhanced Security Through IP Video

Granting residents access to high-quality IP video communication not only fosters a sense of safety when receiving visitors but also elevates the overall security of the building. Upgrade your security protocols by steering clear of blurry footage typical of outdated analog indoor stations. The IP video supported by the 2N® Clip matches modern industry standards, guaranteeing a more secure living environment.

Integrate it Seamlessly into the 2N Ecosystem

The most remarkable aspect is its seamless integration into the 2N ecosystem. Operating on the robust and dependable 2N OS, the 2N® Clip indoor station can be effortlessly (and remotely) managed and configured through the My2N Management Platform. No more complicated installations: embrace simplicity.

Effortless Installation in Just 3 Minutes!

Installation is a breeze. In a mere three minutes, the 2N® Clip can be up and running! Simply secure it to the wall with two screws and a 'clip' – it's that straightforward. Undoubtedly the quickest indoor station installation available on the market!

Choose Between Desk or Wall Installation

If wall drilling is impractical, don’t worry! The 2N® Clip can be equipped with a desk stand accessory, allowing you to place it on a shelf or table. The stand is color-matched with the indoor station, ensuring a sleek and cohesive appearance.

Doorbell Button Support

Bid farewell to additional electronics: simply connect the doorbell button directly to the 2N® Clip, and you're good to go. 

Support for the Hearing-Impaired

Recognizing the significance of accessibility, especially in markets where catering to the needs of the hearing-impaired is obligatory, we are pleased to announce that starting Q2 2024, the 2N® Clip will be offered in a version equipped with a built-in induction loop. Stay tuned for further updates!

Simplified Decision-Making = Accelerated Project Completion

Experience unparalleled ease in decision-making and project completion with the 2N® Clip. Embrace the simplicity of a single color, just two product variants (with and without an induction loop), and the elimination of the need for extra accessories in conventional wall installations.

Tech Insights

  • The sole method for powering the product is through PoE.
  • The 2N® Clip is governed by 3 capacitive buttons.
  • The product features a 4.3″ display with a resolution of 480x272 pixels.

Pair the 2N® Clip with a leading video intercom

Our new indoor station can be integrated easily with any device, however for residential projects, there’s not much better than the 2N® IP Verso 2.0 : the second generation of our best-selling video intercom. It now features a Full HD camera, QR code reading, and the modular design offers maximum flexibility!

It’s so good, we’ve named it the Unicorn of IP Intercoms!

Are you interested in giving your customers the gift of IP video this year?

Or next year, or the year after that, or the year after that… The 2N® Clip is perfect at any time for anyone who wants a high-quality indoor station without breaking the bank! Get in touch with our team to find out more.

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