01.12.2023 Compatibility

Integrate 2N IP Intercoms with Symmetry™ Access Control System

Put door communication, emergency calling, and security in one interface. Discover the benefits of 2N IP intercom integration with Symmetry™ Access Control.

We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with AMAG – a market leader in Physical Access Control, Identity Management, and integrated security solutions.

Integrate 2N IP intercoms with Symmetry™ Access Control

Symmetry users can now benefit from a versatile range of 2N IP intercoms that fit multiple use cases, offer advanced security features: and they can manage it all in one interface!

ip access control systemsSymmetry™ users can choose from a wide portfolio of IP intercoms

The 2N IP intercom portfolio offers a range of modern features such as Full HD cameras, touch displays, multi-access technology, and much more. Such a wide range of devices offers a lot of options that are suitable for any project from multi-tenant offices to mixed-use buildings – and now Symmetry users can benefit from that, opening up a whole new world of door access control and IP door entry.

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Efficient door management means safer buildings

Thanks to this integration, Symmetry™ Access Control users can manage and monitor door communication in the same interface they use for other security systems such as access control, intrusion alerts, or video monitoring. 

The efficiency provided by one, easy-to-use security interface that includes all aspects of door communication and management within it, means that response times are quicker, incidents are well overviewed and dealt with promptly, visitor identification is made easier, and so on. All these things add up to a very secure building!

All benefits & features of the integration

  • Easy and intuitive IP intercom call handling and monitoring: each intercom is visually represented in the Symmetry intercom client.
  • Serverless solution supporting direct SIP calls from 2N IP intercoms to the desktop station, as well as calls via a central SIP proxy server.
  • Heightened door security: video from the video intercom camera is displayed in the one security interface. Operators can therefore visually verify visitors and access live video or video recordings too!
  • Remotely grant or deny access to doors or barriers.
  • Effectively monitor and be notified about IP intercom call status changes (Calling, Ringing, Talking, Missed Call).
  • Prioritize incoming calls in busy environments: incoming calls are all displayed in the call logs. The operator will be notified of simultaneous calls, decide which one has more priority, and review missed calls later.
  • Combine call activity reports with other security reports: call history is fully integrated with the reporting features provided by the main Symmetry software.

Which 2N IP Intercoms does this integration work with, and what else should I know?

Supported 2N devices

All 2N IP Intercoms* and the 2N® IP Phone D7A can support this integration – with the exception of the 2N® IP Uni

Software Needed

  • 2N OS: 2.41 and higher
  • 2N Plugin for Symmetry  
  • Symmetry: 9.4 

Necessary Licenses

  • 2N Plugin for Symmetry™ (2N Ord. Num: 9137919, Axis Ord. Num: 02922-001)
  • Gold license per intercom for Video Streaming  
  • Symmetry Intercom License (purchased from AMAG) 

Want secure buildings and unified security management?

Get to know more about this powerful integration and what it can offer your project by visiting the 2N Integration Hub. Plus, discover our full range of integration possibilities – we partner with over 200 leading brands!

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