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One Family. One Home. One Smart IP Intercom

Get to know what makes the 2N IP One - our latest IP intercom - perfect for single homes

video intercomsPlease note, the 2N IP One will be available in the Americas and APAC from July 1st 2024

It’s not just large apartment buildings that need clever access control – families can also benefit from the enhanced security capabilities offered by IP intercoms. And, whilst popular, the basic features of video doorbells fall short on video quality and home security features.

The new 2N IP One is designed to bridge the gap between a highly advanced IP intercom suited to large multi-apartment buildings and an overly simplistic video doorbell. It’s a smart yet uncomplicated device that offers residents a more secure and connected home.

What makes the 2N IP One great?

The design

Clean and modern in its design, the 2N IP One features a slim profile, rounded edges, and comes in three finishes: black, grey, and bronze.

Its customizable backlit button without a nametag, capable of displaying the full RGB spectrum, communicates the intercom's status at a glance—whether it's idle, ringing, in a call, or signalling that the door is open.

The durability

Built to withstand the elements, the 2N IP One holds IP66 and IK08 certifications, ensuring resilience against vandalism, water, and dust. Crafted from high-quality anodized aluminium, its durability is unmatched.

The capabilities

Taking control of the front door to the next level, the 2N IP One allows direct connection to the door strike. This enables (via the My2N app or a 2N indoor station) interaction with visitors, the ability to answer the door & open it, grant guests access via QR codes, and the ability to open the door themselves — capabilities beyond those of traditional video doorbells.

What’s more, it’s equipped for continuous surveillance in Full HD, as the video intercom’s Full HD camera immediately alerts residents upon detecting motion or increased noise, initiating instant recording of exterior events. It also comes with Adaptive Face Zooming, ensuring that residents get a crystal-clear image of who’s at the door. The integration potential

Integrating seamlessly with home automation devices, the 2N IP One supports open protocols and various plug-ins, facilitating connectivity with leading home and security office systems.

The quality

Delivering outstanding sound quality, the IP video intercom ensures crystal-clear communication between residents and visitors, even in noisy environments, thanks to its sensitive microphone and powerful speaker.

What can you pair the 2N IP One with?

2N Indoor View

A sleek indoor station that looks at home in any interior. It sends HTTP commands for integration with the home automation system and also supports external IP cameras for enhanced home security

2N Clip

The perfect indoor station for mid-range budgets – the 2N IP Clip brings the power of IP video to every home

The My2N App

Give residents the power to answer their doors from anywhere with the My2N App – a great supplement to indoor stations

2N Access Unit 2.0

Even in single homes, residents want to protect more than their front doors. Install this flexible access control reader that offers a variety of access options (RFID, PIN, mobile access powered by WaveKey) in spots such as outbuildings or garages.

How to manage and configure the 2N IP One

The My2N Management Platform

System Integrators can oversee the core initial configuration and maintain it remotely continuously (e.g. make changes in calling settings, add or remove users, and update the intercom to the latest version) via the My2N Management Platform.

Not only that, but you can also create a “site admin” – a representative of the family who can make basic changes needed or create new users, add visitors, or generate QR codes (this will come in Q3, 2024)

The 2N OS

All IP intercom settings are available to integrators directly within the 2N OS: including motion and noise detection settings tied to time profiles (e.g. specific time slots within a day), settings of the colour of the backlit button, a welcome message once the door is opened, configuration backup, and more.

Technical Info

Order Numbers:

Please note that currently, we only support flush mount installation (surface mount will be released at the end of 2024)

Product name 

AXIS Order No.

2N® IP One (grey) 02933-001
2N® IP One (bronze) 02934-001
2N® IP One (black) 02935-001
2N® IP One - flush box 02941-001

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