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Seamless integration, new products, advanced door entry systems: join 2N at ISE

Your chance to see live integration demos, discover the future of residential access solutions, and upgrade your door entry system

door access control systemRegister to join 2N at ISE 2024. Our team are waiting to show you everything we have to offer!

Get to know the 2N Residential Portfolio

Our portfolio is designed to create a seamless, convenient, and secure access experience for residents, integrators, and building managers alike.

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Play With Our Newest Products

  • Our premium, 10’’ touchscreen IP intercom the 2N® IP Style has a 5MPX, wide-range camera, plus the support of 4 different access methods. It also features a new Flexi Layout option where you can customize the interface to suit any customer’s needs.
  • 2N® IP Verso 2.0: the second generation of our bestselling modular IP intercom now features a Full HD camera and QR code reading. Ask our team why we call it the Unicorn of Intercoms…
  • The upcoming 2N® IP One is great for single villa family homes: a compact, sleek video intercom with a Full HD camera and a carefully developed intelligent backlit button
  •  The upcoming 2N® Access Unit QR:  a new access control reader providing convenient entry for visitors via QR codes. Its modularity also allows you to add other access modules (e.g. PIN & Bluetooth & RFID) for authorized access for personnel.
  •  The 2N® Clip: a new 4’’ IP video indoor station designed to bring the security of quality video communication to residential projects in the mid-range. Bring the power of IP to every home!
  •  Discover the My2N app: the perfect mobile app for letting residents answer their door from anywhere, and remotely surveil their home, too

Exciting Innovation: See Live Demos of IP Intercom Integrations

We’ll be presenting live demonstrations of our IP intercoms seamlessly integrating with leading third-party home automation brands such as Crestron, Control4, Savant, RTI, Zennio, and more. The showcase will feature:

  • Video intercom calls to indoor stations
  • Comprehensive door control
  • A complete home automation solution: discover how resident-initiated events, such as "door open," can trigger a range of actions within the home automation ecosystem (lights turning on, music playing, blinds closing)

Unlock Solutions Galore!

Single Home Living

You’ll be able to witness the power of the 2N® IP One + 2N® Indoor View: a great IP intercom/indoor station combo for single home door entry systems. The solution features:

  • Adaptive Face Zooming for enhanced home security
  • HTTP command sending for home automation integration
  • The new My2N app that allows the residents to answer their door from anywhere
  • The 2N® Access Unit M – slimline, easy-to-install access control reader

Advanced Multifamily Solutions

Vehicle Access: We’ll be showing a dynamic combination of License Plate Recognition (LPR) for car identification and WaveKey for quick identification via Bluetooth technology. Ideal for seamless parking access.

Door and Gate Calling: Explore the future of secure modern living with intercom calls from doors to apartments. Users can identify visitors clearly on indoor stations thanks to features such as adaptive face zooming, enjoy remote door control thanks to the My2N App, and benefit from bi-directional video communication.

Frictionless Access: Revolutionize building access with mobile-centric solutions like WaveKey and QR codes, ensuring a smooth and secure passage through the premises for both permanent residents and guests.

Elevator Access: Proudly showcasing our partnership with KONE Ecosystem as Gold Partners, witness seamless integration with elevator systems. From calling the elevator upon resident entry to unlocking the resident's floor and authorizing visitor access – experience the future of letting people up!

What else?

Discover the Benefits of the My2N Management Platform

Our team will teach you how to take advantage of our cloud service that allows you to remotely manage and configure all aspects of a 2N door entry system:

  • Set up calls from a 2N IP intercom to an indoor station or mobile phone through the cloud.
  • Remotely manage access rights for enhanced security.
  • Address 4 out of 5 customer requests online for a streamlined support experience.
  • Configure devices effortlessly from the comfort of your office.

Discover the 2N Certified Installer Program and chat with the people who designed it about all the benefits!

Plus, discover our new ESG strategy, and all the measures we take to ensure our solutions and devices are cybersecure. 

PerexLet ISE be the first step in future-proofing your door entry system!

 Join us at our stand, chat with us, try our products, and discover what 2N can do for you

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