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A Bright New World of IP Door Entry: The Best of 2023!

It’s been one hell of a year at 2N. What were the best things we launched for secure, modern IP door entry, management, and everything in between?

We Released Ground-breaking New Products 

2N® Clip

ip door entryA clever little 4’’ indoor station designed to bring the power of IP to every home. The 2N® Clip is tailor-made for the mid-range residential market, which means your residents get high-quality IP video communication – and you don’t break the bank!

2N® IP Verso 2.0

We released the second generation of our best-selling modular IP intercom, the 2N® IP Verso – and we made it Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger! It features a Full HD camera and QR code reading whilst maintaining the wonderfully flexible nature of its predecessor.

2N® Access Unit 2.0 - Touch Keypad, Bluetooth & RFID

An intelligent access control reader (or module designed for the 2N® IP Verso, 2N® IP Verso 2.0 & 2N® LTE Verso) supports three access technologies: multi-frequency RFID (including NFC), PIN codes, and Bluetooth-based mobile access control powered by WaveKey technology. Truly flexible IP door entry.

The Great Were Made Better

2N Access Unit M was made even easier to install

Already great for installation in tricky spots such as door frames, our slimline smart access control reader the 2N Access Unit M was improved by the addition of a nearly 3-meter-long Ethernet pigtail. Simply pull it through the door frame, into the ceiling, and connect the reader to the IP infrastructure. For wall mounting, use the new installation boxes!

2N® Mobile Video changed to the My2N App

New features, a better interface, and a great user experience: the My2N App is a powerful tool that allows residents to answer their doors and monitor their homes from anywhere in the world!

We Optimised RFID Security with 2N® PICard

No more RFID card cloning! Built on innovative MIFARE® DESFire® technology, our latest cryptographic solution introduces Protected Identity Credentials (PIC) and:

  •  Ensures a fully secure door access control system
  • Merges high-level security with a user-friendly workflow
  • Provides flexibility for both facility managers and system integrators

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Multiple 2N OS Updates Offered Advanced New IP Door Entry Features

Adaptive Face Zooming for the 2N® IP Style and 2N® IP Verso 2.0

Wide-angle cameras in video intercoms such as the 2N® IP Style and 2N® IP Verso 2.0 offer a comprehensive entrance overview but could limit the ability to identify faces due to the small size of the visitor compared to the wide shot.

Our solution: Adaptive Face Zooming. The intercom's camera detects faces and zooms in, ensuring clear identification on the indoor station or via the My2N app, enhancing security with unparalleled sophistication!

Tailored Ringtones on 2N Indoor Stations for Individual Door Entry Points 

Residents can now identify the specific location of their visitor solely by the ringtone! How? Thanks to this new feature, 2N OS-based indoor stations can produce distinct tones based on the call's location.

New DoorViewer Feature

DoorViewer improves home security and user experience simultaneously by enabling the 2N® Indoor View indoor station to integrate with third-party cameras as spyholes. When the doorbell button at the apartment door is pressed, a live video preview will display the person at the door.

The 2N® IP Style’s display was taken to another level

The 2N® IP Style video intercom boasts a 10’’ touchscreen which can display business directories, messages to residents, and more. With the 2023 updates to the 2N OS, the screen newly offered some unique features including most recently playing videos in standby mode!

2N IP intercoms support both ONVIF Profile S and Profile T

The incorporation of ONVIF Profile S and T support into our devices empowers them to seamlessly integrate with a Video Management System (VMS). This integration unlocks a host of advanced capabilities and maximises your building's security.

IP Door Entry Configuration and Management Were Significantly Improved

 The My2N Management Platform

Simplify access management at the apartment level and eliminate the hassle of setting individual access rights. Instead, configure access rights for entire apartments, which new residents can seamlessly inherit.

Effortlessly assign RFID cards and PIN codes to users using the My2N Management Platform. Soon, Bluetooth mobile access control will also be supported as an additional feature!

Optimize access control with Access Groups. Create groups (door groups) for different access points, such as building entrances, garage entry (for residents with cars), or exclusive access to amenities like the building's gym, restricted to tenants who have paid for its use.

Streamline access monitoring with Access Logs. Easily track entries and exits with detailed logs, enabling quick resolution of any incidents by identifying individuals and time stamps.

  •  Improved CVS import

You can now import both users and their associated apartments more efficiently: in bulk. Import users along with the respective apartment names and get more flexibility in naming apartments; by using any designation you prefer, including family names (instead of the standard apartment numbers). Also, apartments are automatically generated during the import process.

This new function provides heightened convenience by allowing you to add users with no email address. Great for cases when you have users who need access yet don’t have readily available personal details (such as the elderly, children, or in new developments where residents are not yet known).

  •  Now available in 7 languages!

We also translated the entire My2N Management Platform, plus emails, into 7 different languages. Find out which.

2N® Access Commander

  •  Effortlessly Export User Lists

This feature has been introduced in response to the requests of our customers managing office intercom systems – and with update 2.7, it became a reality! You can now export a comprehensive list of all users from the 2N® Access Commander, inclusive of vital attributes such as accessible zones/doors, email addresses, RFID card numbers, and more.

When might this feature come in handy? A notable scenario is when an external auditor lacks access to the 2N® Access Commander but still needs to validate the accuracy of user data, including RFID cards and authorized zones.

 Additionally, this feature provides you and other administrators with the flexibility to upload the exported data to alternative systems, such as HR software.

  • Bulk Credential Assignment for Large Office Intercom Systems

The management of access rights in large offices with loads of employees demands efficiency and bulk credential assignment enables this! Bid farewell to the tedious process of assigning access credentials individually. Now, you can assign PIN, QR, or Bluetooth credentials to multiple users in a single operation. This not only saves significant time but also ensures the seamless operation of the office intercom system.

Last But Not Least - We Introduced the 2N Certified Installer Program (CIP)

We offered something unique this year – the chance for installers and system integrators to stand out from their competition, gain expert 2N knowledge, grow their sales network, and enjoy a host of other benefits, too.

Installers who take the training will become Certified Installer Program Partners and enter a mutually beneficial partnership with an access industry leader. There are 2 levels of partnership: Certified and Certified Elite. Each has different benefits and requirements.

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 We’re sure 2024 will be just as great!

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